Happy Birthday To Me

By Uche Amunike

Every month of April is special to me. It is the month of my birth and so, I consider it the month where my life is centered. For over four decades now, that month has never passed me by without my special day being celebrated no matter how low keyed. I was born into a home where birthdays were a very big deal. My parents made a fuss about birthdays and birthday parties were a must for all of us every year. It had nothing to do with money or being rich. It had a lot to do with making children understand that their coming into this world was not a mistake. It was pre planned by God and as such, must be seen as what it is. A child is a special gift from the Almighty. Therefore, at birth, it is acknowledged that a child was born and that a destiny was waiting to be fulfilled. As far as my folks were concerned, the entire life’s journey of every child determined the fulfillment of their destiny.

And so, on the 27th day of April of my birth year, my life’s journey began and so did the process of fulfilling my destiny. It has been worthwhile because after all these years, I still wonder how come I am so richly blessed. I want to thank God at this point for a beautiful life. Life is certainly not a bed of roses but I can confidently say that my life has been good, pretty much. I thank God for a beautiful family and the gift of a loving husband and amazing children. I thank God for my siblings and my adorable mother. I also thank God for the gift of a promising career I love so much and for colleagues that love me like forever. I thank God for all the people who have touched my life in one way or the other and also, for those whose lives I have touched as well. You are all the reason why I am loving my life and everything in it. For all those who have wronged me I forgive you all and really hope that those whom I have wronged knowingly or unknowingly will find it in their hearts to forgive me.

Today is not a day for typing a lot of words. My heart is really bursting with gratitude to God for a healthy happy life and to you all for being a part of it. God bless you all. Happy birthday to me!!!