180918 is the code for today’s celebration

It is a code to remember our friend and Boss

He is just like a flower that blossoms and spreads its tentacles to assist others.

He is just like the sun that smiles at day and the moon that shines at night

He is likened like the stars of the sky and like the heavenly bodies we see him

We hear loud echoes of his name morning, afternoon and night; of how generous and kind hearted he is

We not only hear about it, but we also feel his love and joy around us.

What more can we say, but to show gratitude to God for preserving you, keeping you alive and making you blossom every day.

On this day, we wish you joy, happiness, sound health, wisdom and understanding in all you do.

Happy Birthday to our digital boss from whom we tap knowledge and wisdom.

Happy Birthday to our true friend who stands thick and thin for us.

Happy Birthday to a true priest of God.

Happy Birthday Fr. Martin.


The Digital Director.

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