Happy Birthday Chiomilicious!

By Amarachi Okpunobi

One of the golden rules I have learnt in my little stay on earth is this, don’t wait for a special time, special day, or even special occasion to celebrate people, especially your loved ones. There is no perfect time to do this. Time is always ticking. Celebrate them anywhere, in what way you can, in the little you have, to leave an everlasting smile on their faces. Celebrate them when they are sick, happy, sad, and most of all celebrate them when they are celebrating too.

So I have also decided to celebrate a friend turned sister. Chukwu?ma that’s what I call her. It’s her birthday, May 25, 2020.
I met Chioma on a very wonderful morning few years ago in Fides premises. The sun was so bright and beautiful. Her elegance and beauty caught my attention. She walked like a queen with a magnificent gait.
I have come to know Chioma Nnagbo as a wonderful creature

both in soul and mind. She is beautiful and kind. A perfect definition of hardwork and humility.
Her doggednes had led her to being the CEO of Chiomilious Cakes and Pastries.
The peculiar thing about this is that Chioma is a wonderful girl and so I am not the only one celebrating her. Join me also with other friends of Chioma to say a very warm and hearty birthday to her.

“Chioma, you know naaa, you’re my sake, your name sake. You are perfect, no one is perfect but I guess no better word to decribe you. You are humble, humane, with a special touch for people of all cadres of life. I wish you a very special birthday dear – Chioma”

“Have you heard about Chiomilicious cake? Have you also heard about Fides Kitchen? Chioma is the lady behind them. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. A graduate of Religion and Human Relations. Very versatile. A bite of her cake leaves your intestines smiling. I wish her a very happy birthday and many more years. – Chimezie

“Chioma is a nice person. My first encounter with her still speaks volumes about her in my heart. I love her smile, its something else. I remember sometime ago, she organised a free WhatsApp class for those that want to learn cake baking. My Fiancee learnt alot form that online class. Chioma is a very nice person I must say. Happy birthday Chiomilicious, I wish you the best life can offer. – Alex. ”

“Chioma Cynthia, Nnagbo that’s her name. I lack words to use to celebrate this wonderful being who turned out to be my sister. She’s everything one would want to have as sister, Friend, and a partner. I pray that all your heart desires will come to pass in Jesus name, Amen. Happy birthday my sister. Get a chioma as a sister you won’t regret it.- Chibueze

“When I think about Chioma and how we met, my face brightens into the biggest smile.
I say to myself sometimes, “till death do us part”…lol…
Yes, it’s funny but I mean it. She is a keeper (as a friend and a wife).
That is why I will always pray for her to be in good health so that even when we have grown grey hairs, we can still sit down together to do our very private gossip.
I love you with all of my heart and even though I can’t fight, I am always ready to defend you. Thank you for always being 100% with me. – Chinaza

“Dear Chioma, as you add another year to your years, my wishes for you are long life and prosperity, and more grace to fulfill your destiny in life. Do have a blissful celebration- Ezinne(Fine girl)

“You are a rare blend of beauty, brain, zeal, kindness and childishness with just enough common sense to keep you sane…Lol. Wishing you a hot and spicy years ahead. Happy birthday, Quuen of Chomilicious Kitchen. – Francis

“Chioma is respectful, hardworking and sociable. She is a wonderful cook too just as she is Happy birthday dear Chioma. – Florence

“Winnitolo” as I call her recently, is a jolly good fellow. She is caring, daring, lovable,a good cook and utmostly hardworking.
I love her drive towards the things she does and I wish this birthday marks a new turn in her life.
Happy birthday Chomy.- Mercy

“Chommy Chocolate, wonderfully made, fantabulous, infinitely beautiful. I wish you long life and fruitful years ahead. Do and marry good husband like me with good home. I also pray for more cake orders from your customers. Happy birthday dear Chommy- Marshal

“Chommy Chocolate, you are a very nice girl. Often times I keep a long gaze at you, do you know why? Because of your ability to handle your emotions without letting it affect others. I call you Kitchen and you smile, you know naa, your cakes are super. I pray and wish you unending joy as you celebrate your day. Go girl and reach above your limits. Happy birthday Chommy- Goodness

“I celebrate your strength to stay unflinching in the face of adversity, I have graciously learnt that from you, your resistance to the storms that hit you is applauding.
May your light shine undimmed and may God grant you a speeding away unto the region of infinite possibilities.
Happy birthday sister!!!I celebrate you forever!!!
I pray that through the billows of Christ’s leadership, your life shall take its course. Dead leaves, the mundane, wrong fellows, figs and foes will all wither away because of the new wine that God is pouring into your life.
I see the coming good times, great achievement, and lavish celebrations already prepared for you. Your best days are here.
Stand firm and calm with your convictions!!!
I love you baby!!! – Lizzy

“Dear Chioma, you are a fighter with a golden heart. I wish you a super birthday cebration. May God bless you and grant your heart desires, bless you with more wisdom and strength to help you attain your goals in life. – Martin

“Chioma can be so caring and at the same time , behave like your mom, though I always annoy her but we definitely get along well , anyways, I wish u More love on this your special day , age in grace. – Dera

“Ummm, she calls herself Chiomilicious
But I call her Fabulous
Sometimes she loves to play fool
Even though I know she is a good cook
She works like a CIA but doesn’t act like an FBI
She is social, hardworking, beautiful, lovely and fine
With so much knowledge and secrets in her eyes
All those memories spent in the room
Only reminds me of your black soap in the bathroom
Happy birthday Queen Warri
Oh! I forgot to tell you, she likes money. – Uceey

“Chioma, A. K. A, Chocolate. A friend with a heart of gold. She doesn’t know how to say no to me, especially when I need her help. I wish you a happy birthday dear, May you always find inner peace wherever you settle and may the Lord’s blessings always rest upon you, amen. – Emenike

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