Gulf War Survivor Relates Experience

By Amaka Olua

A Gulf War survivor and an Ex- British Captain, Captain Francis Anyikwa has related his experience during the Gulf War which lasted between 2nd August, 1990-28 Feb. 1991, He disclosed the war experience while speaking on the need to equip schools in Anambra State and the country as a whole with required facilities that would promote learning, just as he disclosed his intention of establishing Francis Leon Integrated International Academy. He stated that his School would have facilities where Students would acquire skill and be properly educated. He intends to create facilities to educate them in so many things, saying that talents are wasting due to poor equipment in schools. He maintained that his widely gained knowledge and skill acquisition would help the people via education.

Captain Anyikwa who expressed his displeasure over poor facilities in most schools in Anambra State, noted that so many schools lack conducive environment which makes learning capability poor. He charged the government to look into schools, to ensure that there are adequate water supplies; equipment for learning and constant power supply to enable the children watch some educative movies and news around the world which would be added value in their studies. He added that his school would provide conducive environment for learning where students would be properly educated and helped also to bring out the best in them. He maintained that he gained a lot of knowledge during his British training which made him to be exposed. He narrated his experience during the Gulf War which he described as horrible saying that it was a miracle that he survived the war.

He advised parents to always teach their children the norms and Igbo Tradition, saying they have adulterated their culture and the new generation no longer practice the traditional way of life. This was even as he advised the youth to be focused in whatever they do, saying that the behaviour of the youths today was quite abnormal. He maintained that during their day, they worked hard to survive, but youths of today no longer work hard and can do anything to make it big without working for it. He encouraged them to work hard and face the realities of the world.

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