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God’s Mistakes

By Fr Pat Amobi Chukwuma

God is the Creator of heaven and earth. He is addressed as the Almighty Father. For him everything is possible. Thus, the word ‘impossibility’ cannot be found in the divine dictionary. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. Aristotle referred to him as ‘the Unmoved Mover.’ In other words, he propels everything in heaven and on earth into motion while he remains unmovable.

He is the Alpha and the Omega. God himself has neither a beginning nor an end. During my philosophical studies many years ago, my brain nearly cracked when I was pondering on how God came into being. I was philosophizing over it for some months until I heard a voice from above saying, “If you philosophize over my existence any more, I will take away your life instantly.”

There and then I quickly deleted the anxious thought from my medulla oblongata. I prostrated myself before the Divine Majesty and pleaded, “O my God, please forgive me. It is my philosophical curiosity that is at work. Do not take away my life as a seminarian.

Honestly, I want to be a priest and work arduously in your vineyard for many years before you invite me over there.” The merciful God had pity on me and my limitation. He recalled the Angel whom he sent to arrest me. In other words, my death was postponed indefinitely. That is why I am still alive today.

The attributes of God are numerous to mention. He is the perfect Spirit and is invisible. He cannot be seen with our physical eyes. Also he cannot be seen with the aid of binoculars. Only spiritual eyes can see him. Heaven is his abode while the earth is his footstool.

He is neither male nor female. Nonetheless artists paint him as a giant man. Universally we use the pronoun ‘He’ for God because he is Father. Father is a masculine terminology. God is Perfection par excellence. Therefore no trace of imperfection can be found in and around Him.

A mistake is an error of the mind or the hand. Human beings are prone to mistakes. If God is perfect and almighty, then can he make mistakes? In the creative account found in the Book of Genesis, chapter One, God brought everything in heaven and on earth into existence by his divine pronunciation of “Let there be….and it was so.

God saw that it was good.” When creation reached its climax, God said, “Let us make man in our own image and likeness; Male and female, he created them” (Gen.1:26.27). In a nutshell, there is no evidence that God made any mistake during creation.

A pupil or a student can correct the teacher when he or she makes a mistake. On the other hand, can an imperfect creature correct the perfect Creator? It is really suicidal to do so. God ordained marriage to be between a man and a woman.

After moulding the man called Adam from the soil of the earth, God saw that it was not good that the man should be alone. Thus He made Adam to fall into a deep sleep and God took a rib from his side and fashioned a woman. No wonder women are so much interested in fashion.

Men are fond of doing hard works because they were moulded like cement blocks. When Adam saw Eve, he was happy for having a helper and he called her woman, which means ‘taken from a man.’ God blessed Adam and Eve (man and woman) in marriage.

Hence marriage has a divine origin and is a union between a man and a woman (husband and wife). It is not between husband and husband, nor between wife and wife.

It is unfortunate that some human beings point out that God made a mistake in making marriage to be solely between a man and a woman. The creature is correcting the Creator by introducing gay marriage, which is an unnatural union between a man and a man.

They live under one roof as married partners and relate sexually through the back door (anal sex). The proponents of gay marriage should as matter of urgency, create artificial womb and insert it into the reproductive system of one of the gay partners, so that he can conceive and bear a child.

When this is done, then the correction is achieved. Nonetheless, any attempt to do so will end up like the tower of Babel project.

Nowadays homosexuality and lesbianism have become part and parcel of life in the human world. Man, who was endowed with rationality, later began to act irrationally. The irrational beings are better than us. Have you ever seen a bull and a bull, a he-goat and a he-goat, a cock and a cock, a male lion and a male lion, etc mating? In the past a man can be termed a womanizer.

But in the present day ‘manizers’ are abound here and there. It has also become a reality today that a woman takes a woman to bed and seeks her hand in marriage. A man seduces a man. A woman seduces a woman. The freedom God gave to humanity has been richly abused.

I am certain that after reading this write-up, homosexuals and lesbians who are correcting the mistakes of God will bombard me from left and right. I am only preaching the gospel of truth, which can be accepted or rejected.

Some white people practice discrimination in terms of colour of the skin. For them God made a grievous mistake by creating black people whom they classify with monkeys. In apartheid countries, the blacks suffer a lot from the hands of the white people.

A certain black Italian footballer swore some years ago that he would pounce on any white man who throws banana at him again while he was walking along the street. When I was learning German language in Bonn, a classmate of mine from Iran asked me why I am black. I was proud to tell him that I am black because God created me so.

He laughed it off. I proved to him in the classroom that my brain is not black as he taught. I was more intelligent than him. Many times he copied from my answer script during German language tests. He befriended me for my superior black intelligence against his inferior white brain.

However, I warned him that copying from another during tests or exams is a serious offence known as examination malpractice. In the seminary the punishment for such is immediate expulsion. To avoid being expelled from Germany, I started covering my answer script from the view of my Iranian friend and classmate.

Successful black people around the globe have proved to the white people that God did not make any mistake by creating us black. Colour is just an accident. Many international black footballers perform wonders in the field of play.

While they excel in the pitch, their black colour is extolled, but once they come out of the pitch or retired, their being black is discriminated. The soul is neither white nor black. In heaven there is nothing like colour.

On the other hand, the black people bleaching their skins are ingrates. Some persons who were born black have become white or yellow by complexion. Some men bleach, but women bleach more than men. An artificial colour does not endure climate change.

Recently I came across a woman whose face and hands were white while her legs were black. This is what the Igbo refer to as “iru fanta, okpa coke.” If you walk along the streets you will see some men and many women whose faces are white while the legs are black.

Few days ago I saw a young girl whose skin has been disfigured by bleaching cream. She looked like ‘ekpo’ masquerade. If she is displayed in the marriage market, no man will bargain for her. If you were born white, yellow, red, green or black, preserve your natural colour. Black is beautiful. In the area of fashion, women who were fashioned by God have discovered that God made some mistakes. One of the mistakes is that God did not make their eyelashes to be thick and long enough.

Hence in order to correct the divine mistake, different shapes of artificial eyelashes are available in the fashion markets. When the girls and women add the artificial eyelashes, they look like female masquerades. Also, until recently hardly did I know that artificial buttocks are available in the fashion market. Some of the women you see richly endowed from behind attached artificial buttocks.

It is not finished. Long nails and long hairs are also attached. Some women enlarge their breasts to the size of big watermelon. Likewise some men enlarge their manhood to be bigger and longer than what God made. There was a man who ran into trouble.

His manhood grew longer and bigger than him during the enlargement, such that he now wears Ghana-must-go bag as pant. A certain lady was undergoing breast enlargement and it exploded like bomb during the process. She died instantly. What would she tell God at the judgment seat?

Many sane human beings have blamed God for his worst mistake of creating hell fire. Reading through the biblical account of creation I could only discover that God created heaven and earth. Hell came to be as a result of disobedience. It is accidental and not originally intended by the eternal loving God.

Even here on earth, prisons were set up as a place to punish civil offenders and criminals. God is a just God. He rewards and punishes. We shall reap in eternity what we sowed here on earth (good or bad). Anyone who goes to hell will have himself or herself to blame for doing evil. The just and kind God endowed us with the gift of freedom. Therefore, the choice between heaven and hell is ours. Lord, have mercy!