Go to Court

By Fr, Pat, Amobi Chukwuma

Just last week, an affluent man grabbed a vast land belonging to a poor man living close to him. The poor man cried miserably. He raised his voice very early in the morning shouting for help. Neighbours gathered to know what was amiss. The poor man in tears narrated to them how the rich man took his acres of land by force. Some were unconcerned about the incident, while few where touched to the heart for the action of the unjust rich aggressor.

The few accompanied the pauper to the mansion of the rich man to plead on his behalf. After listening to their pleas, the affluent man cleared his throat and shouted, “Go to court, if you are against my action!” The poor man in tears uttered, “How can you unjustly grab my acres of land and boldly ask me to go to court? The God I worship is not asleep.

You will regret your action, if you persist in grabbing the land my late father handed over to me as my inheritance. Is it because I am financially handicapped that you treated me like this? I am not going to court. Let the Living and All-powerful God above be the judge between us.” The unjust rich aggressor retorted, “Get out of my house before you spend the rest of your life behind the bars!” He asked his security men to bundle the poor man away. The boys with their hard boots played the poor complainant like a football. He left with bruises all over his body as he cried helplessly.

Indeed, God is never asleep. Few days later, the unjust aggressor embarked on an important journey to Abuja to get the plan of the mysterious estate he would build on the usurped land. He sat behind his luxurious jeep as his driver drove him to Asaba Airport to catch the next flight to Abuja. On the way, the rich man slept off and was snoring like a conqueror.

His sleep and snoring became contagious. Before you know it, his driver slept off and also began to snore behind the steering. The result was fatal. The unmanned luxurious jeep ended up in a deep gully. The rich man died at the spot while the driver sustained serious injury. Sympathizers took the big man’s lifeless body to a nearby mortuary while the driver was rushed to the nearest hospital. The court of heaven bore witness to the poor man who reclaimed his land without further challenge.

As if enough is not enough, a wealthy politician snatched the wife of his close relative whom he has been dating for a long time due to his questionable wealth. Tongues were wagging how the rich politician with his own wife and promising children acted immorally and unjustifiably. After some days of endurance, the husband of the snatched woman mustered courage and confronted the politician in his secured apartment.

As soon as he came in, he knelt before the wealthy politician and said, ‘Sir, Good morning. I am kneeling here with sorrow in my heart. You are married with promising children. Why did you snatch my own wife? Is it because I am a pauper? Please give me back my wife.” The unjust politician replied, “Before I count three, you have run out of my house.

How dare you come here to challenge me? Are you not afraid? Before I close my eyes and open them, make sure you disappear! If you are feeling bad, then go to court!’ The aggrieved man shouted, ‘I am handicapped in going to court. Let God be the judge between me and you!’ He left angrily.

Few days later, the unjust politician went out to a party with the snatched woman. They ate and drank to their satisfaction. Then, it was time to take to the floor. The politician and his concubine danced to the tune of the glaring music.

Accidentally, something unexpected happened. The politician slumped as they danced systematically. He was instantly rushed to hospital where the doctor on duty pronounced him stone dead. Indeed, the court of heaven has pronounced instant judgment.

The snatched woman broke into tears. Later, she shamefully went to her validly married husband and pleaded for clemency. The husband looked at her with consternation and uttered, ‘Are you tired? Agaracha must come back. I am tired of you. Go and join the wealthy politician in his grave. The heavenly court has passed judgment.’ She wept and left to an unknown destination.

My people hear this! The ball has entered into the penalty area, which is known as the 18 meter. It is a high risk area. Anything can happen within seconds. How can someone stay at his home and lose his precious thing? It is very strange. Few years ago, I was in my refectory enjoying a delicious meal of pounded yam and egusi soup, interlocked with rich chicken parts.

I was swallowing the balls of the pounded yam dipped in the thick soup. I reserved the chicken parts to be taken at last. Suddenly, an uninvited huge guest burst into the refectory and grabbed the reserved meat and soup with his extraordinary huge hands. Instantly, he began to devour the precious meat like a hungry lion. Aggressively, I got up and shouted, “Who are you? Please give me my soup and meat!’ He roared like a lion, ‘Go and write your will before touching me.

If you don’t like what I am doing, then go to court!’ Before I could finish speaking, he has emptied the plate and licked it like a dog. He threw the plate at me and shouted again, ‘Go to court!’ He banged the door as he rushed out.  I went down on my knees and cried before the court of heaven. Before you know it, the unjust aggressor started vomiting at the main entrance gate of our compound. He vomited ancient and modern of what he ate. Also, his breath started failing him.

With tears running down his cheeks, he ran back to me and pleaded on his knees, “Please man of God, I am sorry. Forgive me for my unlawful entrance and snatching of your meat and soup.’ Pitifully, I called on the God of mercy to temper justice with mercy. Within few minutes, he regained himself and thanked me immensely. He swore never to indulge in such evil act again. Quietly, he sneaked out like a dog that has polluted the air.

My German friend at the end of his maiden visit to Nigeria a decade ago concluded his observations in these few words: ‘Nigerians are suffering but happy.’ He was right by then. Today, Nigerians are suffering and they are no longer happy. Sadness is written on the faces of the poor masses.

God blessed our country with rich natural and human resources which, if well harnessed, Nigeria shall be the modern Promised Land. Our problems are lack of good leadership, corruption, economic hardship, unemployment, hydra-headed insecurity, tribalism, nepotism, etc.

In order to turn a new leaf, millions of disgruntled eligible citizens trooped out to exercise their franchise by choosing the next civilian president who would take them to the next level. They voted enthusiastically on 25 February 2023 and anxiously awaited the hopeful result.

Unfortunately, the umpire known as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) contradicted the 2022 Electoral Act which stipulates that the election result shall be transmitted electronically from the states to the National Collation Center at Abuja. It is alleged that most of the resident commissioners and returning officers transmitted doctored and rigged Presidential Results manually to Abuja.

During the collation at Abuja, some irregularities were observed by some party agents who called the attention of the Chairman of INEC, Professor Mahood Yakubu. He failed to correct the anomalies while the suspicious collation continued. Three days after the Presidential Election, precisely on the early hours of 1st March 2023, he announced that the President-Elect is Bola Tinubu of All Progressives Congress.

Then, he directed the aggrieved Presidential Candidates to go to court. Now, the aggrieved Presidential Candidates of Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, and Peter Obi of Labour Party have gone to court to challenge the alleged rigged presidential Election result. The question is: Will the Court of Law deliver just judgment? All eyes are focused on the learned men.

The die is cast. A word is enough for the wise. If a proverb is put before you and you do not understand it, then the dowry paid on your mother at her marriage was useless. Yes, it is a common saying that the Law Court is the last hope of the common man.

I am here to disapprove it. If the Law Court fails, there is still hope. The last hope is the Divine Court or the Heavenly Court. If you are truly innocent and unjustly aggrieved, then approach the Divine Court on your knees. The heavenly just judgment may be instant or delayed. God’s judgment can never be compromised.