Gay Marriage Best and Reigning System for Perverted Nations

Gay marriage also known as same – sex marriage is a system of marriage in which a man is at full liberty to propose a marriage to his fellow man and also end up marrying him. It has a direct link with homosexuals and other abnormal sexual relationships. It is a system of marriage that is being propagated by some Satan- worshippers and inhuman groups in the entire world. What I cannot explain very well is how this form of marriage came to be and what actually made people to embrace it. Sorry, I wish to seek for your permission to deviate a little from the general concept of it and reason it my own way for now,
As a person I, Chukwuchebem, have been wondering seriously  what possibly could make a man like me, be searching for  the anus of my fellow man or on the alternative, the type of sexual urge that must have propelled a man to kiss deeply, romance freely and also undertake all forms of sexual drive with a fellow man. Whatever the reasons may be, I bet you, it must be demonic and nonsensical.
In the beginning, God created everything with man inclusive and after the creation work, he discovered that man was so lonely. Then, in God’s effort to create liveliness in the life of a man, he created woman out of man and the man was happy. Out of excitement, the man said this is the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh, Genesis 2:23. By this means, a woman is meant for a man to devour. A woman was created with lots of attractions such as facial beauty, fleshy skin, red lips, sexy eyes, pointed nose, soft spoken voice, succulent breast, slim feet, straight legs, sizeable waist, long hair etc. In this present day, it is a pity and quite disheartening that most men no longer value all these attractions that make up the beauty in women. The on- going devilish gay marriages have defaced all these attractions to an extent that men no longer see correctly but they see clearly in the anus of their fellow men. Evil has taken the upper hand. A man’s body is supposed to be strong and hard with no attraction in the eyes of fellow men. The handsomeness and attractions in men are supposed to be seen and admired by women which is the right way God has destined it to be and not the other way round.
However, I still remember my early days in secondary school, precisely in J.S.S 2 when we were being taught what marriage is and the various types of marriages under the subject known as social studies. I still remember correctly about three of them namely; polygamy, monogamy and polyandry. But this ugly phenomenon of gay marriage was never mentioned. In fact, it never existed. The word of God in Leviticus 18:1-24 condemned the sins of sexual immorality such as incest but in a special way in verse 22 of that same chapter, talking about homosexuality. He did not just tag it a sin but an abomination.
In the book of Genesis 19:1-27 there, you will see how God destroyed the land of Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. The men of Sodom left women and started hunting for their fellow men to have a perverted type of intercourse. It got to a point when God became angry with them and decided to destroy their city by sending two Angels in disguise  of men who passed the night in the house of Lot. The Bible recorded that Lot ordered his servants to bake some bread and prepare a fine meal which the guest ate.
Surprisingly, before the guest went to bed, the men of the city, both young and old surrounded the house of Lot, tried their best to over power Lot so as to have same-sexual intercourse with Lot’s guest. But God intervened by strengthening the two angels who over powered them which finally led to the destruction of the city. Not even a single soul was left in Sodom and Gomorrah except Lot and his family who took their journey into a town called Zoar but was afraid to stay there, so he and his daughters decided to move up to the hills and live in a cave. I may not continue with the story but some of us who are conversant with the Bible will attest to this fact and how the daughters later gave birth to cursed nations namely Moabites and Ammonites because of the sin or rather sexual perversion they had with their father whom they got drunk.
Now, my question is why is it that some human beings have vowed never to give up their old ways and embrace new life in Christ? Secondly, what are the benefits of sexual immorality and other sexual perversions that are attached to some of them? I may not be able to proffer answers to the above given questions as the global world has taken the leading step and are busy inducing the present generation to follow suit in all these disgusting attitudes that make our land unclean.
Meanwhile, the current statistics show that twenty (20) countries have legalised gay marriage. For God’s sake, where are we heading to? It all started in Netherland in the year 2001, followed by Belgium in 2003 and they derive much pleasure in doing it. The pleasure I believe, must be satanic. Last year precisely on 22nd May, 2015 in Ireland, there was a casting of votes over their indigenous people who supported gay marriage and those who are opposing it. To my greatest astonishment, 68 percent of voters won as against the 32 percent voters that opposed it. It was however endorsed and signed into law in Ireland. Then, on 29th May, 2015 still in Ireland, there was a wedding ceremony between a man and his fellow man in one of the new generation churches that may be practicing quasi occultism. The so- called senior pastor to the church tendered an apology to the celebrant being the groom for not accepting his request to be wedded initially, adding that they were formerly in darkness then, but now have seen the light and will from henceforth, respond and solemnize every same-sex marriage /wedding invitation.
Equally note worthy is the deceleration of gay marriage in all the 50 American states on Thursday morning being 2nd July, 2015 by the Supreme Court in American. The president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe went on national radio to express his displeasure at the ruling. President Obama’s support lauded a historic Supreme Court ruling that made same – sex marriage legal in all the 50 states of America. President Mugabe articulated his views in a somewhat odd way by saying that he has just concluded that since President Obama endorses the same-sex marriage, advocated homosexual people and enjoyed an attractive countenance- thus if it becomes necessary, that he, himself will travel to Washington DC, get down on his knees and ask for President Obama’s hand in marriage. Mugabe was simply saying that President Obama’s support for gay marriage means he is probably a gay.
His Excellency President Mugabe, who was elected Zimbabwe’s President in 1987, said the United States was run by perverted Satan-worshippers. “I can’t understand how this people dare to defy Christ explicit orders as our Lord prohibited mankind from Sodomy,” he said, according to AWD news.
Honestly speaking, the American government is not even ashamed to say that the major reason why gay marriage is currently illegal in some other countries is due to the religious interpretation that “homosexuals are sinners.” According to them, such a religious perspective should have no place in federal /legal matters in the U.S.A. we live in a secular society that maintains secular views. They went on to say that gay marriage should be legalized because it is uncivilized and unmerited not to do so. Our civil rights and the constitution give us many liberties. One of our civil liberties is the pursuit of happiness, which homosexual people are not allowed to chase. They cannot be married to the person they love and it violates their freedom.
1.    Marriage is a union of love, not genders.
2.    Homosexuality is a human characteristics, not a crime.
3.    Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege.
4.    Homosexuals are not able to control their feelings or affection, so they should be allowed to express their feelings to their loved ones.
5.    Many people are against Christian values and God but it isn’t illegal to believe in God as well, many people are against gay rights so it should’nt be illegal for gays to get married.
6.    Love is an emotion, justice and right, not a concept that can be controlled or denied by law or any old book such as Bible or Quran.
7.    Christianity is a choice and religion is something you were taught, then homosexuality is something you were born with.

1.    Marriage is a union of man and woman not same-sex.
2.    Homosexuality is a sin created by man.
3.    Marriage is a God given right and one of His blessings.
4.    Every one is able to control their feelings (no shit dude)
5.    Love is a commitment.
6.    It will lead to depopulation (childlessness).
7.    Homosexuality is a choice for crying out loud, you are living in a pathetic denial if you think you were born with it.


1.    Netherland –  2001
2.    Belgium –         2003
3.    Spain –         2005
4.    Argentina –    2010
5.    Portugal –         2010
6.    Demark –      2012
7.    England –      2012
8.    Brazil –           2013
9.    New Zealand –2013
10.    Uruguay –       2013
11.    Scotland –       2014
12.    Luxum burg     2014
13.    France –         2014
14.    Sweden –
15.    Ireland –         2015
16.    Finland –         2015
17.    U.S.A –          2015
18.    Norway –
19.    SouthAfrican – 2016
20.    Canada –

With the above listed countries practicing these abominable acts, one can see the speed with which this evil is growing at an uncontrollable magnitude.


1.    Afghanistan
2.    Iran
3.    Mauritania
4.    Nigeria
5.    Saudi Arabia
6.    Sudan
7.    Yome
8.    Malaysia
9.    Algeria
Gay marriage is a perverted example of marriage and to me, is as if the Lord God had this present generation in mind when He made prophet Isaiah to understand that though, the world may be evil but our lives must redeem it. The Lord went on and assured prophet Isaiah and we, the present generation that He will make us a light to the nations so that the entire world may be saved through us; Isaiah 49:6. The greatest and closest enemy we have is the flesh. We are called to control our flesh and not our flesh having strong dominion over us. We pray that we will not be led astray by the satanic people who are busy propagating the new trend of marriage. For the spirit man, the inner man has been arrested by the devil and carried away by the courier service. The retribution of God’s anger is already at the corner. May the Lord deliver us from these evil ones that have yielded to the tricks of the devil.
In early August of last year, our President, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari was invited over to America on this issue by President Barak Obama. Good a thing, the response from our President to Obama was completely ethical. President Buhari said to Obama that such type of marriage is abhorrent to the Nigeria cultures and tradition. On this note, we continue to pray, asking the almighty God to uproot and destroy with the fire of the Holy Ghost every spirit of gay marriage still hovering around the Aso rock, the state government, down to the government at the grass roots. May such never be our portion in the name of Jesus –Amen.
I learnt some time ago that some prominent Nigerians are already in it. Though, I may not have many facts to ascertain the authenticity of such rumors but I pray that God in his omniscience and omnipotent power will fight our battle in Jesus name – Amen. Thanks and God bless. I love you all.
Chukwuchebem Samuel O.
Wrote in from St Mary’s Catholic Parish,
Suleja in Minna Diocese of Niger State