Kayode Ajulo: Setting Standards, Making Impacts (Part 2)

By Uche Amunike Today, I bring you the concluding part of my interview with one of Nigeria's foremost and cele ...

Sep 06, 2019

Kayode Ajulo: Setting Standards, Making Impacts

By Uche Amunike The gentleman I bring you today is among so many things, a firebrand Lawyer, Unionist, Writer, ...

Aug 30, 2019

Olaedo: Blazing the Trail, Ruling her World

By Uche Amunike Discovering talents is something I have great passion for. That explained my excitement when I ...

Aug 24, 2019

The Ethics Of Journalism In Nigeria: Getting It Right

By Uche Amunike This week, I bring you, a very interesting paper written by the incumbent Secretary of the Nigeria ...

Aug 20, 2019

Day Sam Okwaraji Died 30 Years Ago

By Ikeddy Isiguzo WHEN I strolled into the National Stadium on 12 August 1989, I had many businesses in mind. ...

Aug 10, 2019

Dr Vincent Ogochukwu Okpala... Uplifting the Health Sector

By Uche Amunike My Icon for this week's edition is a quiet, unassuming, intelligent and focused gentleman who ...

Aug 05, 2019

Hon Charles Uche Okafor...Adding True Value to Transport Ministry

By Uche Amunike Having lived in Anambra state for 27 years now, it won't be out of place to say that it wasn't ...

Jul 29, 2019

From RUGA to E-Registration of Immigrants: What Next

By Uche Amunike Lately, Nigeria my country has been in the news for the most negative reasons any right thinking p ...

Jul 22, 2019

Adieu Mrs Obianuju Ndubisi-Chukwu

By Uche Amunike Just last week, Nigerians were woken to the shock of the news of one of her high flying corporate ...

Jul 12, 2019

When Will This Vicious Circle of Hate, Tribal and Religion Bigotry Cease

By Uche Amunike I came across this amazing piece and I loved it because of its relevance to the Nigerian situa ...

Jul 06, 2019



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