Awaiting Buhari’s Next Level

By Uche Amunike The presidential election 2019 has just come and gone and a winner has been declared. He is Ge ...

Mar 01, 2019

Rest in Peace, Dear Paschaline

By Uche Amunike I went to my hairdressers' shop exactly a week ago to have my nails and hair taken care of. It ...

Feb 25, 2019

Sad Valentine

By Uche Amunike Valentine's day is still in the air and much as it is a beautiful season, I feel a lot of tension ...

Feb 15, 2019


By Uche Amunike I am sad. I am devastated. I am in pain. I feel the pain of a mother, as I try to imagine what it ...

Feb 08, 2019

My Vision to Get Nigeria Working Again…Atiku Abubakar

By Uche Amunike I just read this piece and found it interesting. It was the address Delivered by His E ...

Feb 01, 2019

Why Atiku's US Trip is a Super Coup Against APC

By Uche Amunike This beautiful piece was written by my dear friend, Dele Momodu. He's a journalist, Pu ...

Jan 25, 2019

Peter Obi, Nigeria's Game Changer

By Uche Amunike Choosing Peter Obi as the Vice Presidential candidate of the People's Democratic Party, PDP, was a ...

Jan 18, 2019

Buhari: Nigerians are hungry

By Uche Amunike This week, I bring you an article written by my very good friend, Victor Agusiobo. This erudit ...

Jan 11, 2019

Peter Obi...the Facts and Figures Expert

By Uche Amunike A lot of aspersions have been cast on the figures quoted by the PDP vice-presidential candidate, M ...

Jan 07, 2019

Celebrating Chimezie Ibedu….Fides Best Staff 2018.

By Uche Amunike It's another end of year and time for Fides to unveil her best member of staff for the year. T ...

Dec 21, 2018



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