Fr. Okonmah Challenges Christians To Proclaim Christ As King By Their Actions

… Administers First Holy Communion To St. Brigid’s Students

By Sunny A Ijomah

AS Catholics all over the World celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, Rev. Fr. Kenneth-Ronto Okonmah has challenged Christians not to pay lip service in their proclamation of Jesus Christ as their King, but through their actions.

In a Homily that he delivered on Sunday morning at St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Asaba, Delta State, the Priest decried situation where some persons still doubt the universal kingship of Jesus Christ by seeking for solutions to their challenges outside Jesus Christ.

He asserted that by good deeds, Christians would make it clear to unbelievers that Christ is the King.

Fr. Okonmah said, “Today is the celebration of solemnity of all solemnities; a significant feast in the church, Feast of Christ the King.

“The feast was instituted to remind us that Jesus is a Universal King and before Him, every knee shall bow.

“Nothing on earth lasts forever; everything shall pass away, it is a matter of time except God’s Kingdom; God’s Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom.

“Christ is the King of heaven and earth,  He is the King of the universe, His Kingship is not like the earthly kingdom, His is a kingdom that lasts forever.

“Irrespective of whatever you may think or what you will say, Jesus Kingdom is everlasting and if we say that we belong to God’s Kingdom, why are we afraid of loving one another?

“We live in a world where there are so many kingdoms; several persons have been deceived to join evil groups believing that they will have power, my dear brothers and sisters, the Kingdom of God will always overcome these kingdoms.

“God still blesses His people today, so,  have nothing to do with the devil.

“The church asks us to proclaim Christ as the King of the universe; it is not enough to proclaim that Jesus is the King, you can do that by putting food on someone’s table, you can do that by showing love to the less privileged,  you can do that by visiting the sick in the hospital, and by forgiving those that you hold grudges against.

“Let the World know by your actions that Christ really is the King of the universe.”

The Holy Mass featured the administering of first Holy Communion on some students of St. Brigid’s Girls Grammar School, Asaba. Miss Joan Ifeakachukwu Egugbo was one of the recipients.