Fr Martin Anusi is a year older in Priesthood

To celebrate the 27th Priestly Anniversary of Very Rev. Fr Martin Anusi, my friends and I decided to express our perception of him through writing. We hope this will be able to capture how important you mean to us and how far we have grown in the past few years  with you.

One major thing about Fr  Anusi is the impact he has made in the lives  of  young people.

One of his favourite quotes is “You do not meet people, you encounter people”. He has ensured that he made impact on the life of every young person he encounters. He ensures they develop at least one skill.

Don Martino, as many call him, is also an encyclopedia of knowledge, you cannot stay with him for an hour and not learn something new from him. Most times, he does this unintentionally because it has become a part of him to always make people learn and keep learning. Although, very knowledgeable, he ensures that he learns from you as well, irrespective of the age, He is teachable

Looking at Fr Martin, you will be interested in priesthood, he has made priesthood seem very easy.   Fr Anusi carries on with his vocation like it is an easy one. This alone is a great lesson to most of us despite not  being in the vocation.

His dedication to work keeps you going, and you do not want to get tired of working. I often wonder how he keeps up with work and never gets tired. He is always working, he also never complains of work.

Padre, thank you for all the push and support to ensure our lives get better by the day. Thank you for the lessons we have learnt from you. Thank you for all your love. Thank you for your corrections. Thank you for always scolding us when necessary. We do not take all of these for granted.

Nnamukwu, Daalu Rinne

Congratulations on your 27th Priestly Anniversary, I pray you live to celebrate more Priestly Aniversaries on earth.

From your Adannaya,

Adejumoke Aminat Alebiosu

You were offered many options of who to be in life, but you choose to become a human and a priest.

You were warned and nudged against it, yet you choose to be a priest.

You were told you’ll be lonely, misunderstood, persecuted, hated in this journey, yet, you choose to be a priest.

Your name was mentioned on the altar of God, many thought you won’t be present to answer the call, but no, you choose to answer.

You have been intentional about this journey of Priesthood.

You decided to journey into youth apostolate.

There you found me, as little, naive and ignorant as I was, you understood me at every point, you taught me and you’re still teaching me, you made me understand myself even better.

You have brought nothing but bundle of goodness in me, not just me but to every other young lad you’ve birthed.

You have intentionally decided to bath yourself with love, joy, smile kindness and courage for the sake of us.

You’ve carried the burdens of others like yours and shouldered responsibilities with ease, not to say that it’s easy.

Dear father, as you keep to this lonely and somewhat highly misconcepted journey, may every step you take lead you closer to God.

In your human weakness, May God magnify His strength in you.

In your happy moments, may God’s peace be reflected in your life.

May He always and forever give you reasons to remain strong in Him and in shepherding His flock.

May His love, peace and grace be abundant in your life always and forever, in Jesus name, Amen.

Happy Priestly Anniversary Ezigbo Nna m.

Your last born loves you

Love from Amarachukwu Okpunobi

“No man takes this yoke upon himself…” are words of truth; the other truth is that some men have bore this yoke truly for the One who puts it on them. One of these men is Very Rev. Fr Martin Anusi, a priest truly in the order of Melchizedek.

For a priest who has not overly been assigned to a parish, it is nearly permissible to have less people who know you, and even less people who feel your impact, but this is not the case with Fr Martin. For him, he bears a yoke that attractive to young folks, and although he has advanced in numerical age, he still exudes as much strength as within my age bracket.

To this one, priesthood means raising men and teaching them how to remain afloat. It transcends the administration of all sacraments which without doubt, enrich the soul and spirit; it is also to look out for the body of those receiving the sacraments.

In this priest, we found a Reverend Father and a father figure, and it’s a pleasure to have passed through his tutelage.

Dear Fr Martin, your works for the past 27 years when this yoke by no choice of yours was brought upon you, aren’t hidden and are never to go unnoticed.

It’s a good time to say THANK YOU, and pray that the fruitfulness of the next 27 years shall dwarf those fine by. From your son in AkwaIbom

Precious Ịhụnanya Ukeje

Today is Rev. Fr. Martin Añusi 27th Priestly Anniversary and I wish to say this about him.

The word ‘philanthropy’ is a high-sounding word typically associated with wealthy people giving money to ‘good causes.’ That only scratches the surface.

In its purest form, ‘philanthropy’ means love of humanity. ‘Philos’ means love (Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love). While anthropology means mankind or humanity. A philanthropist in my understanding is one who acts out of love for mankind and that is Fr Martin Añusi (Don Martino)

Don Martino literally has touched the lives everyone he has come in contact with. Although he hails from one of the poorest family in Agulu in Aniocha LGA of Anambra State, Fr Martin will always strive towards going out of his ways to put smiles on the faces of countless people.

Digital Director as he is popular called would always be quick to ask questions like what would be eating for Dinner?, hope everything is moving fine with you? Have you gone to the hospital for proper check up? What are your plans ? And these are so that he can know where to come in and assist. There’s alot to say about Fr Martin but for space I would just stop here and wish my dearest Director a happy 27th Priestly Anniversary and more fruitful years in his vineyard.

Alexander Johnson Adejoh (Uchenna)

Nnamukwu, that’s what I call him.

Fr Martin is everything I ever dreamed of in a father. He gave me an open arms when I found my self in a somewhat foreign land (story for another day)

You mean so many wonderful things to everyone but for me and my family you are a Dad!

I am using this opportunity of your 27 years anniversary as a  Priest to say thank you for your presence as a father, a mentor a boss and a friend!

Daily, I thank God for choosing you as one of his vessels because with you, He has won countless young  souls, home and abroad to himself.

You  are a Priest forever!

Mercy Hill (De Emens)

Time has a fundamental importance and this is why we celebrate jubilee years or Priestly Anniversaries.

I join you Rev Fr Dr Marin Anusi in celebrating the wondorous deeds that God has done in your life, with no merit of your own. He has designed to make you an instrument of His divine grace in administrating the Sacrament, and establishing young lives.

I pray that as you celebrate your priesthood anniversary today, may all your sacrifices be sown for an eternal Harvest. May he reward you for your dedication, commitment and love to people around you, and also continue to strengthen you in abundance as you work in his vineyard, Amen.

Once again, Congratulations to you, and thank you for showing to the world the true definition of priesthood.

Sophia Ugwuoke (Your PA/Secretary)

A special day like this permits us to publicly celebrate you, to encourage you, to remind you that we constantly admire and appreciate your exceptional attributes, and to urge you to continue on the path that you currently tread. Some years back, you started out on this journey. And look how far you’ve gone! BIG 27!!!

Rev. Fr. Martin Anusi, a.k.a. Digital Director, you’ve proven yourself phenomenal time and again. Your love for youths is remarkable and your apostolate has revolved around that. You faithfully plough the Lord’s vineyard just as you’d promised you will. His grace has sustained you all these years. We pray it continually sees you through.


Sending our best wishes on your 27th priestly anniversary, Padre!


With lots of love,

Zita Chidera Ezeno