Fr Dr Ucheonye takes Covid -19 Vaccination ,Advises All to do Same.

By Kizito Umennadi

The manager and Chief Medical Director of Visitation Hospital, Umuchu, a prominent hospital belonging to the Catholic Diocese of Ekwulobia (CADEK) was on February 18,2021 administered with the Oxford Astrazeneca brand of Covid-19 Vaccines produced in India and approved by the International body, the World Health Organization (WH0) to help fight the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic which has ravaged the entire Continent and continues to do so even till now.

Fr Dr Ucheonye who is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Ekwulobia (CADEK) stated that he did not witness any rare side effects after the vaccination which was administered on him by Azuka Ezeanisi, a nurse and staff of the hospital.

He therefore exhorted the general public to disregard all the conspiracy theories being bandied about in the social media and other channels of propaganda and take the vaccination at once for by doing so one is better protected from the onslaught of a possible third wave sweeping round the world currently.

Dr Ucheonye noted that the Oxford Astrazeneca brand of the vaccine is best suited for our particular climate and can be easily stored in a normal fridge temperature unlike other brands used in Europe and America.

When asked why the International Community and her scientists have not found a cure for HIV and AIDS, Ebola and other ailments ravaging most of Africa while being somewhat overzealous about Covid -19 vaccines. Responding, the Manager of the hospital noted that, ‘a lot of advanced work has been done in the area of HIV.For instance, 20 years ago it was called Obiri na aja Ocha (causing instant death) but it’s not so again today.

Some ten years ago, you would need six tablets morning and evening but today it’s just one tab everyday wherein also a woman who is positive (+ve ) can marry a man who is negative (-ve) and not infect him in so far as she adheres to all medical directives ‘.He equally maintained that a lot of work is going on to solve permanently ailments like Tuberculosis, malaria and even Ebola.

While calling on families,communities and individuals across the State to make haste to get the vaccination,he noted that Visitation Hospital,Umuchu is one of the accredited government hospital charged with the administration of the vaccine which is entirely free and that the general public can come there on Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s for their own jab of the vaccine which will be repeated after three months thus making a complete dosage.