Fr Anusi Is an Encyclopedia of Knowledge, and I Wish to Be Better than him

By Mercy Hill

…Fides Best Staff 2020 speaks

Let us meet you.

My name is Chukwuma Izuchukwu Mmodozie, an indigene of Amawbia, Awka South Local Government Area, Anambra State. I am currently a final year student of Banking and Finance, in the Anambra State University, ANSU, popularly known as Chukwuemeka Odumegu Ojukwu University. I am currently a staff of Fides Media working as the Guillotine (Cutting) Machine Operator. I was elected as the Chairman of Fides Staff Welfare Association (FiSWA), that is the association that oversees to the welfare of the staff in the  organization.

Tell us a little about your work experience

I have ten years working experience. I have worked with Fides for three years and eight months now, I started work here 13th May 2017, but this is not the first place I have worked. I did my apprenticeship at Lumos Nigeria Limited, Amawbia, enrolled to learn two weeks after my WAEC in 2010. I finished learning in 2011, and then worked for the Anglican Church for two years. Thereafter, I got an appointment to work for the Anglican Diocesan Press, Awka, which I did for several years, before joining Fides.

What prompted your coming to Fides?

First, I wanted a change of environment. Secondly, I wanted to be more exposed to publishing. More importantly, I wanted a place where I could earn better to sustain my education.

Three years and counting, what is your experience in Fides like?

It has not been easy to work for an organization and at the same time be a part time student. Your time and energy are required in full force, so you can be competent in your job and be good at your studies as well. I have just little time to myself since I started schooling because I take my studies seriously. I have only Sundays in the week to myself. From Monday to Saturday, I am always engaged. My job is very demanding, but it is for my own benefit. I have come to understand that it’s a price that I have to pay to be a better person.

How is the working environment in Fides compared to other places you had worked?

The working environment might be the same, but the exposure is quite different. There is more motivation, exposure and fulfilment working here in Fides. You know, work is not just about salary, it is not about what you get from where you are working but the fulfilment you get after work each day. You need to develop yourself for the future. I am not working in Fides because of the salary rather, I have been able to task, build myself and acquire a lot of skills for the future.

You were recently voted as the FIDES Best Staff of the Year. Why do you think you were voted?

I never expected to be voted because I do my job normally. I love to work hard. I do not know what people have seen in me to have voted me the best staff of the year. I am still amazed.

What has been your motivation?

My motivation is the belief that I would be a boss someday, and if you work well in another person’s company, others will work well for you. I want to run my own company, even if it is not a printing press or photo studio. In Fides, you can learn administration, that is what I am learning now, I am a little close to the Director of Fides and I have tapped a lot from his river of knowledge. I have been learning a lot here. I have patiently grabbed a lot from everyone around.

If you were asked to pick the best staff, what qualities will you pick out in the person?

Honesty is my number one pick. It is difficult to find honest people these days. Competence is also another quality I would be looking out for, and the person must be committed to his or her job. He or she also must be innovative and the level of sacrifice of the person  matters as well.

Do you think you possess such qualities?

Maybe. I am just being real, whatever they saw in me,  is the real me

What is your best moment in your place of work?

My best moment is when Fides calls us for several skill acquisition and training. Fides has invited a lot of people and many resource persons had come to inspire us positively. The joy we share together during our end of the year party, sometimes, we exchange gifts and love to all our staff. In Fides, we celebrate and mourn together. All these things help you to expose yourself. I am not a Catholic, but I am learning a lot about Catholicism working here as a Fides staff.

Can you remember any day you felt like giving up in the office?

The day I had this kind of feeling was the day our Director, Rev. Fr Martin Anusi scolded me for more than three hours in his office. He rebuked me for being involved in some things that went wrong in my unit at the office, I wept that day. Another event was a day I  came late and the director also reprimanded me for that. He asked me to go home. I felt really bad. Then, I recalled every input I had made for the organization and how I leave the office late just for things to be done properly. But the admonishment helped me to be a better person, though throughout that week, I was totally down.

How did you overcome the feeling?

My determination and discipline helped me to overcome it. I decided to move on, and I continued putting the same level of hardwork, nothing changed.

As a member of the staff and FiSWA Chairman, what are your aspirations for the next year?

I am trying to create a platform where everyone would learn to save. I would like us to restructure some things in the company. If I have my ways, I would encourage all members of staff to save at least 10 percent of their income. We will introduce the thrifts and savings platform. And as a company, we will try to strategize better way, to enhance productivity. Personally, I am aspiring to make Fides a better place for work for all staff members like me. I am optimistic that 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

What is your advice to Fides Staff?

I have worked in several organizations and I am bold to say that Fides is so far the best. Therefore, I challenge Fides staff to grab the opportunities that they have now in the company. I must say that not every organization gives much attention to the growth and development of their staff like Fides does. Truthfully, the moral lessons we get from the director and the management daily is transforming and encouraging.

What is your hobby?

Topmost of my hobby is inspiring and making people happy plus I love music and that intensified my passion for learning keyboard. I also love to drive but I do not have my car yet.

Who do you look up to seeing each day at work?

My director, Rev Fr Dr Martin Anusi, because he inspires me a lot. His experience from Italy and other European countries is worth emulating. Funny enough, he is my mentor, but he is not even aware.  I am beginning to learn to talk like him and imitate his walking steps. (he laughs).

Fr Anusi is an encyclopedia of knowledge, and I wish to be better than he.

What’s your word to the staff who voted you for this award?

I sincerely don’t know why they voted me, but I want to assure them that I will not relent in making them proud of me in everything I do.

What is your Watch Word for life?

I call it the 3 Ds that lead to an “S” of Life. Decision, Determination and Discipline which leads to Success.