Fr Anisiobi Visits Elderly Priests

Very Rev. Fr Hillary Anisiobi, a 94-year old Priest of Onitsha Archdiocese, visited Priests residing at the Priests’ Welfare Home of the Catholic Diocese of Awka at their residence last Tuesday, to share his personal experiences and give medical advice for healthy living to the aged priests, Adejumoke Aminat Alebiosu reports.

The elderly priest, who is also a nurse, advised the elderly priests to avoid some of the things they ate as young adults, noting that some of such would be injurious to their health now.

‘My ability to take care of myself and the grace of God have made me live up to 94 years on earth,’ he said.

Very Rev. Msgr. Basil Kenechukwu Nwazojie, while welcoming the priest, expressed joy at seeing their visitor even in his old age. Msgr Nwazojie, who was also a classmate to Fr Anisiobi, appreciated the priest for his advice.

His words, ‘We are glad to see you again. We are also happy that you are in good health. I am particularly happy because we were classmates in the seminary and you are still strong and kicking.’

Speaking to Fides, Rev. Fr Emmanuel Udu, Priest-in-Charge, explained that it had not been easy taking care of the elderly priests.’ He said his biggest challenge at the Priests’ Welfare Home was working on himself to be able to adapt and understand the elderly priests.

‘It is very challenging but my greatest joy is I have the support of His Lordship, Most Rev. Paulinus Ezeokafor, Bishop, Awka Diocese, and my brother priests. You call a brother priest to explain a need and he says consider it done or you call the Bishop and he settles it immediately,’ he said.

The priests later prayed together and shared their experiences in life.