Fides Media Appreciates her Facebook Fan

By Amarachi Okpunobi

The Director of Fides Media, Rev. Fr. Martin Anusi, has appreciated a Facebook fan of Fides Media, Constantine Okoli who made a great review of Fides media on one of her news on Facebook titled, ‘ Editor in Chief’ which attracted so much comments. This was followed up Rev. Fr. Martin Anusi who invited Constantine Okoli to Fidesplex this day, 15th July 2020.

Constantine who gave a highlight of how he began reading and following Fides Media stated thus, “One thing I like about Fides Media is that it has an organized way of presenting information. Not just information in order to sell but truth in what they project. For me that should be the basic mark of every media house”.  I started reading Fides some years back when Monsignor Jerome Madueke was Fides director. The interest came when I was in the Spiritual Year in 2015. I am a seminarian actually. Being the only paper that comes our way then, I read Fides newspaper often and started appreciating the writings of the Editor-in-chief, Jude Atupulazi. So, it made a lot of impact in me.  When Fides got a new Director, there was so many innovations, I know of the recent published Fides Media App on Google play Store, for me it’s a ground breaking achievement. Till date I still follow Fides Media on their social media platforms”.

The Director of Fides Media, Rev’d Fr. Martin Anusi receiving Constantine Okoli in his office at Fidesplex

On his part, the Editor-in-Chief of Fides Newspaper, Jude Atupulazi welcomed and appreciated Constantine to Fidesplex, saying that his review about Fides was insightful and great.

Still commending her Fan, Fides Director, Fr. Martin Anusi encouraged him to share good news wherever he finds himself in his own little ways. Fr.Martin also opined that the world we live in and move now has its being online and as such Fides Media will not relent in giving in her best and reporting truth to the world.

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