Fides Kitchen – Ukodo

By Chioma Nnagbo

Our recipe for this week is ‘Ukodo’. Ukodo in Delta State is simply yam and unripe plantain pepper soup porridge. It is essentially a pottage, a stew of meat and vegetable, it is sometimes cooked with Lemon grass or scent leave. The best pepper soup spices to use for this food is from delta state.

Kai, leaving in Delta State is bae sha… let’s just continue.


Pepper soup spieces
Ground pepper
Ground crayfish
Goat meat/ any protein of your choice.
Chopped scent leave
Sliced Onion
Seasoning cube
Salt to taste


If you are using goat meat, cut the meat in small pieces and place in a pot, season as usual, and allow to boil. When the meat is almost cooked, cut up chunks of yam and plantain, add to the pot with meat inside so it cooks together.

Add in the pepper soup species, seasoning cubes, pepper, crayfish and salt to taste (be mindful that there is already salt when you seasoned the meat).

Cover and allow to cook for 20-25 minutes. Mix the content together lightly, you will discover it thickens the soup…

Serve immediately as e dey hot.

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