By Chioma Nnagbo

How do you cook your Jollof rice?

Do you parboil your rice first?

Have you ever tried toasting your rice before cooking?

I tell you the flavour, the texture, the colour and aroma is out of this world.

Interestingly, you need just one ingredient to make this work.

4 cups of Rice
1/2 cup of butter

Wash your rice very well, put in a sieve to drain out the water.
Place a dry pot on a low heat, melt your butter in the pot, now pour the rice inside the pot and stir.

Continue stirring until the rice colour turns brown.

And VOOM your toasted rice is ready.

Don’t worry about the smoke it will produce, just make sure your kitchen windows are open.

With this method, when preparing your jollof rice, you will find out that the rice won’t stick to each other but will be separate. The taste is superb and it also gives you that PARTY JOLLOF RICE aroma.

Try this and thank and thank me later.

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