Fides Kitchen – Estimate Jellof rice

By Chioma Nnagbo

It’s a new month and this month I’m going to teach you how to save cost and eat good food. Do you know that with #1500 you can make a delicious pot of rice for three people?

Now lets go to the market


3 cups of rice – 300
Beef – 300
Tomato and fresh pepper – 150
Tatashe – 50
Tin tomato – 50
Sachet vegetable oil – 70
Condiments (curry, thyme, nutmeg, seasoning cube) – 150
Onion – 50
Crayfish – 100
Carrot – 100
Green peas – 100

Total = #1,420


After cooking your beef, get the stock and set aside. Now, with same pot you will use to prepare your rice, pour the vegetable oil in it and then fry your meat.

After frying, with same vegetable oil, start preparing your rice.

On a low heat, set the pot with vegetable oil on fire. When heated, pour in your sliced onions, stir for a while. Now, it’s time to add in a very important ingredient for this dish which is the blended tomatoes, pepper and Onion mix, allow to cook until the water in the tomatoes mix dry up.

Add in your stock (you can use water) this is the only liquid we will be for this food. Now add in all your condiments into the mixture, stir and allow to boil for a while.

Ok now it’s time to add another star of the dish which is, the parboiled rice. (what is jollof rice without rice?) give it a little stir to blend. With a foil paper, cover the pot before using the lid (this is because it is the heat cooks the food not the fire) allow to cook for 10-13 mins.
Serve with any fruit juice

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