Fides Kitchen – Christmas Inspired Smoothie With Green Colour

By Chioma Nnagbo

Look around you, see the beauty of Christmas, with the cool harmattan breeze, ecstatic and joyful aura that radiated through the atmosphere. I’m super excited its Christmas season again.

Last week, I gave you a recipe of a Christmas inspired smoothie. As we already know, the season of Christmas is known with two colours: red and green. So, the idea is to convert these two lovely colours into drinks. The previous week, we made something reddish, this week, we are going to be doing something greenish!

Let me introduce you to the ingredients:


1 large banana
½ cup of yogurt
1 avocado
1 small cucumber
1 handful spinach
1 tangerine
1 large green apple
Mint leave
1 cup of orange juice


Now this method is very simple and fast. Add the base which is the orange juice first into the blender, then you add the other fruits and vegetables (avocado, cucumber, tangerine, spinach, apple and mint leave). Lastly, add the thickener which is your yogurt and Blend together. Our Healthy Christmas inspired smoothie with Green colour is ready. Pour into a cup and garnish with either apple or cucumber.


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