Fides Kitchen – Banga Soup

By Chioma Nnagbo

Banga soup is a very popular Nigeria palm nut soup. It’s a Delta/Urhobo favourite. This soup is quite different from “Ofe Akwu” which is variant found in Igbo Culture.

This soup is flavoured with be banga spices which consist of a blend of Tyko, obeletientien, Rogojie and Oburunbebe stick.

So, let our Banga adventure begin.


Palm fruit extract
Fresh fish
Stock fish (okporoko)
Dry fish
Blended Crayfish
Dried Bitter leave (obeletientien)
Banga stick (Oburunbebe stick)
Fresh pepper (blended)
Neatly sliced Onion
Dried pepper
Seasoning cube
Banga spice
Perewinkles (optional)
Salt to taste


Clean and wash fish thoroughly, especially if you are using catfish. Boil your meat, remember to start with the tougher meat and then add the softer ones later.

When its tender, add the dried stock fish and the blended fresh pepper, allow to boil till the stock fish is tender and beef/ chicken soft.

Transfer your palm nut extract into the pot (check previous newspaper for procedure on how to get the banga extract), add your banga spices, banga stick, crayfish, dried pepper, seasoning cube and salt to taste (be mindful of the salt). Allow to cook for 5mins.

Now, add the fresh fish, smoked fish and perenwinkles. On a low heat, cook for 5-10mins. At this point, the palm oil would have settled on the top of the pot, remove if it’s too oily.

Add the dried bitter leave (obeletientien) stir to combine, cook for 25mins then switch off the heat, lave to cook with the residual heat for 2mins. Remove the Banga stick.

Banga soup is ready for consumption. Eat with any swallow of your choice.