Fides in 2020- a Challenging Story With A Beautiful Ending

2020 for Fides is what I would describe as a ‘Happy Ending’. It reminded me of movies that begin in a tragic note but end in romantic or happy way. I am tempted to write that 2019 was the most outstanding year ever but on another thought, 2020 was filled with so many lessons that we’ve never had since the existence of Fides. This is because a year without a strong lesson is not successful. You can only measure success when there are challenges that you were able to over come.

Let’s take a peep into 2020 review.

2020 started like a beautiful rose but later on, it came with so many thorns. This didn’t allow us wither, rather we overcame every thorn and that’s why we can joyfully say that 2020 was really a huge success.

When the COVID 19 struck us, Fides closed her offices for one month. Many staff thought the company was going to lay off some of its working force but that didn’t come to pass. During the one-month break, many staff were surprised that Fides was able to still pay 25 percent of salary even when we didn’t work for that month.

On resumption, it was not easy at all. We were crawling to meet ends and still struggled to pay salaries and debts. As some may know, Fides usually pay her staff before the month runs out but this time around, the burden was so much on them and they couldn’t resist paying salary two to three days after the end of the month. This was exactly when the thorns felt it has defeated the beautiful rose but it still failed. Even as at December when things became so expensive and the price of goods skyrocketed, Fides was able to still pay her staff on the 18th of December with extra bonus. This is what so many companies cannot do but we achieve that feat. If you are reading this now, I think it would not be out of place if you give us a resounding applause.

  1. FIDES FARMS & FISHERIES EXPANSION: As of last year, Fides had 9 ponds with four automatic waste sprinklers. There were solar powered inverter lights for farms 1 and 2. Although, the snailery (snail farm) was constructed in 2019; but it became active in 2020. Fides is fully into poultry and some of her birds are on for sale.
  2. FIDES NEW DEPUTY DIRECTOR: We miss our former Deputy Director II, Rev. Fr. Cyril Ezeani, but we were blessed with another priest who looks so much energetic, Rev. Fr. Fidelis Odunukwe.
  3. SOCIAL PLATFORMS, ONLINE SPACE EXPANDED & FIDES APP: As of last year, we had three different websites which were: (dedicated to our news stories), (for our productions & services) and (for our sms and bulk sms services). In 2020, Fides incorporated all these three websites to be one. It is now, and
  4. Social Media Platforms: Our social media platforms grew tremendously. Facebook. Our Facebook likes and followers grew in leaps from what they were last year. Our Facebook got so much engagements and reach when we added contents like: Trends in Anambra (TIA), Saints of the Day, Catholic Faith & Teachings, Know Your Parish Series, News Flash, etc. it was the same story for our Instagram Page, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, etc.
  5. Live Streaming: Fides developed its Live Streaming within the year. We now offer live streaming services

iii.        Fides Media App: One amazing thing Fides was able to achieve was the Fides App. You can download Fides Media App on Google Play store and the iOS version on Apple Store.

  1. Fides newspaper and monthly bulletin can now be bought online through Fides Media App (downloadable from Google Play Store and Apple Store).
  2. COVID 19 & 54TH COMMUNICATIONS DAY: Fides held her 54th World Communications Day online using Google Meet. It was an online conference to discuss the theme: ‘That you may tell your children and grandchildren’ and to pave more understanding of the need for every communications content to be reported with truth.
  3. AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS: Fides has received constant recognitions from the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria and other Social Communications Departments across the state as the media outfit with the highest online presence.
  4. FIDES AS PREFERRED DESTINATION FOR VISITS: BY MEDIA/COMMUNICATION GURUS/PERSONNEL, UNDERSTUDY/EXCURSION/ PROGRAMMES & ACTIVITIES: Fides has created a niche for itself. Many groups, dioceses, and establishments have continuously shown interest in visiting Fides to understudy its operations, share experiences, for course study visits, excursions, among others..

          Fides had her first visitor from Nicole Glover, from the Nicole Voice Studio, Canada. She came in the company of Fr. Adolphus Chukwuka Oyoyo to visit Fides complex

          The former Governor of Anambra State and the Vice-Presidential Candidate of the PDP, Mr Peter Obi was in Fides for a Media parley on the 10th anniversary of his government’s hand over of schools to the Mission.

          The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Anambra State Coordinator, Kehinde Aremu visited Fides to share his experiences in agriculture and also to encourage young people to work hard. He even commended Fides Farms & Agricultural Ventures

          The Anambra State Sector Commander of the FRSC, Mr Andrew Kumapayi was in Fides for an interactive session and collaboration in the area of the creation of road security awareness.

          Visit by Bishop Denis Isizoh (CBCN Communication Bishop’s Chairman)

          Catholic Dioceses of Nnewi, Enugu & Sokoto visited Fides to understudy her activities and affairs.

          Visit by Rev. Mother Mary Ruphina Chukwuka, OSB (Abbess, St. Scholastica Benedictine Abbey, Umuoji)

          In the same vein, Fides received commendations from the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra, to collaborate and share her news items.

          To celebrate International Day of the Girl Child, Fides collaborated with Let’s Save Her Initiative (LeSHI) to celebrate the United Nations’ International Day of the Girl Child in October 2020, with the involvement of selected schools in Anambra State and the participation of resource persons on the various areas of education and empowerment of the Girl Child.

          2020 was remarkable as the Director of Fides Media, Rev. Fr. Martin Añusi, celebrated his priestly Silver Jubilee.

  1. TRAINING OF FIDES STAFF: Some staff members were sent on professional training. Others were also involved in in-house professional training.
  2. Fides have an edge in photo book production and in establishing a professional photo studio which was a success. Today, Fides has a photo studio for every kind of photo shoot.
  3. BOOKSHOP: Our bookshop is still open to Christian, Academic and General Books. You can also get sacramental and other Christian materials for your faith. We also have inspirational books and gifts items. We still have Usoro Emume Misa (in Igbo, English and Latin), Ordo, etc, on sale now. You can show love to your loved ones, friends and well- wishers by buying a book or a gift item from Fides Book shop this season. We are here to give you the best.
  4. CUSTOMER RELATIONS PERSONNEL: Fides offers the warmest and golden welcome to our customers. We have a customer care form at the Production and Customer Care Office. You can always pick up a form to tell us how you feel about our products and services. The New Year holds a determined agenda for Fides as we appreciate our customers and wish them the best of the season. We love to make our customers happy and fulfilled about our services all the time.

For our contacts: Reach us on:

–           Production & Printing Jobs: 0817-020-4414 (Production Manager) and 0909-320-9690 (Customer Care Personnel)

–           Social Media Contact: 0907-200-0206 and 0907-200-0510

–           Marketing & Distribution: 0907-700-0659 & 0907-700-0237

Have a memorable Christmas Celebration and a Happy new year!!!