Fides in 2019, Journey of Greatness: Review

By Uchechukwu Enem

Last year, 2018, brought more successes than the year 2017; but 2019 recorded outstanding achievements. Any company that doesn’t progress regresses, with many chances of folding up. Personally, I am proud to work in Fides basically because of the serene and peaceful working environment. Some of the achievements during the 2019 journey in Fides are as follows:

Fides concentrated on crating a serene and beautiful environment for their customers by renovation, landscaping, painting and lots more. Some of these developments are:
– Roads: We have created an example of showing people the need for self-development and empowerment as against the growing mentality of some people who believe that the government must provide all needs. Fides tarred all the roads in her compound from the gate to the rectory. The road around Press building was constructed and tarred as well. Good working environment enhances productivity.
– Kerbs: Fides made sure that all the roads have kerbs and were all painted
– Light: As part of her efforts to beautify Fides and provide security, Fides has installed beautiful lights along the road for visibility and beauty, as well as Solar LED lights.
– Renovation: Fides has renovated some offices like the Archives and Records (ARO) which was the former library. The book section now houses (ARO) and with the installation of a (2HP) air conditioner and CCTV camera
– Landscaping of the compound: Planting of carpet grasses and economic trees in the compound, building of additional fence and plastering of all the fences, renovation of fountain and beautification of the compound, building of an external toilet for our Auditorium.

– To achieve a better production, Fides acquired a 5 Clamps binding machine, and a Ricoh Africio MP C3002 Photocopying/DI machine.

Fides now has full branding unit for vehicles, vest/t-shirt, cups, plates, caps and awards. The unit is equipped with the assorted machines and new computer with its accessories. Some of our machines include: 4-feet cutting plotter, Heat press machine for cloths, Epson L810 sublimation printing machine, heat press machine for caps branding, Pin‐up machine and a showcase for the display of branded materials.

– To ensure safety of our staff, friends and customers, fire Extinguishers were bought and mounted in six strategic places in Fides complex and also at the Fides Residential Building. Fire safety training of staff and management was also embarked upon.

Firstly, Fides separated her websites into their three different functions, namely:
i) – dedicated solely to our news, Fides Newspaper
ii) – dedicated to Fides productions and services
iii) – dedicated to our sms and bulk sms services and through our websites and social media platforms, we have created so many online advert platforms to help our growing online and internet enterprise and evangelisation.
Social Platforms:

Facebook: Within the space of one year, Fides acquired large followers and fans. This is because of our rich content and active online interaction with our customers and followers as well as our live coverages. Fides is simply the best!
Instagram: Instagram which is the baby to our Facebook pages is still growing but it still has a wide reach and active participation as we have so many followers and great responses from our followers
Twitter: We are focusing more of our stories on the twitter space and our followers are responding greatly.

To establish a sustainable relationship with our customers, we have a Fides WhatsApp Group and Fides Media Telegram accounts to enable free expression and communication between us and our customers. We have always believed in mutual way of communicating our needs and aspiration and that is why we try our possible best to see we effectively communicate well. In this regard, Fides has weekly meetings with all the unit/ departments to cross check our works and create solution to any problem we may encounter. This is our proactive tool to ensure standardization and accountability. These units/ departments are namely; News and Editorial Department, Production & Customer Care Unit, Online team, Accounting office, Video Studio Units. This was later expanded to include those in the Distribution/Collection Unit as well as the head of the Finishing Department.

For a better 53rd World Communication Day, Fides established her maiden committee to develop a plan for better celebration of the World Communications Day. The committee was headed by Mr Jude Atupulazi (Editor-in-Chief).

We preach Christ through artistic representation and through this, the Social Communication Department of the Diocese, headed by Rev. Fr. Martin Anusi, ensured that the Catholic Artistes, Entertainers Association of Nigeria (CAEAN) was inaugurated in the diocese. It hosted a National Convention in Awka in October 2019.

The new “Fides Media” signage replaces the former “Fides Communications” signage
Fides ANSSID number. We got Fides ANSSID (Anambra Social Service ID) number from the Anambra State Identity Management System.

* Fides received Excellent Corporate Service Award from the Rotaract Club of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, District 9142
* Fides also won the 2018 Nigerian Catholic Newspaper Award as the “Best Proximity Value/Balanced News Winner” from the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria.
* Recognition of Fides Farms/Fishery & Fides Kitchen from Belgium via Fr Martin Ichoku. He brought us some seeds for the farm
* Recognition as the newspaper with best online presence among Catholic newspapers in Nigeria by Rev. Fr. Gerald Musa, lecturer at the Centre for Study of African Culture & Communication (CESACC), CIWA, Port Harcourt, during the presentation of his paper, “Bridges and Barriers of Online Communication Network: A Reflection on the 2019 World Communication Day Message” at St. John Paul II Pastoral Centre, Makurdi, Benue State, March 2019.
* The Anambra Independent Football League (AIFL) Award, October 18, 2019
* Fides Chapel won the 2019 NUJ Games in the Female Category of Table Tennis
Notwithstanding, other staff members have also received awards in their various capacities

Early this year, Miss Uchechukwu Enem, was appointed to be Google Nigeria Representative and now the Google Crowdsource Nigeria, has grown with some influencers across the state and it is still growing.

Fides has started creating awareness of the need for businesses to boost her online presence through Google My Business Platform. Fides has started her 360 panoramic view for hotels, companies and industries.

The ponds are now nine in number with four automatic water sprinklers. For effective lightening, the farm now has an 850VA solar inverter system and 100W LED lights for Farms 1 and 2. There is also a construction for snailery (Snail farm).

10. TAX
The tax issue was one of the greatest challenges Fides encountered in 2019. It worked had to regularize its tax status that led to the return to our original name of incorporation, FIDES MEDIA LIMITED. This led to the change of everything: letterhead, ID cards, Signage, Account name, branding on our vehicles, files, online platform names, vests, etc.

Our new Fides vest came with unique colours and design. The new Fides vest now bears our original name which is boldly embossed on the cloth.

12. DELIVERY: Fides acquired a tricycle (Keke Napep) for her inland delivery of jobs in Awka and environ .

Fides as a grassroot newspaper has rich local contents and wide reach. It has created a niche for itself. Many groups, dioceses, and establishment have continuously shown interest in visiting Fides to understudy its successes, or to have practical experience of communication realities, and excursions.
* Visit by the Communications Team from the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos to understudy Fides. The 4-­man Team was led by Mr Tony Chiejina (Chief Corporate Communication Officer, Dangote Groups) whom the Archbishop of Lagos, His Grace, Most Rev. Adewale Martins, appointed the Chairman of the Communications Committee charged with the responsibility of resuscitating communications in the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, and Rev. Fr Anthony Godonu (Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Lagos).
* The 100 Level Students of Mass Communication visited FidesPlex for a course study to explore communications and internet/online journalism.
* Many Secondary Schools in the State had their excursion visits to Fides within the year.
*The Anambra State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Andrew Ayodele Kumapayi, and his team, came on courtesy visit. They had an interactive session with Fides Management and Staff.

14. BOOKSHOP: An interesting thing about our book shop is that you can order your books online and make online payments too from our website, ( Christian, academic and general books are available at Fides Bookshop. You can also get sacramentals and other Christian materials for your faith. We also have inspirational books and gift items. You can show love to your loved ones, friends and well-wishers by buying a book or a gift item from Fides Book shop this season. We are here to give you the best!!!
Reach our Bookshop on 0909-202-5353.

Fides offers the warmest and golden welcome to our customers. We have a customer care form at the Production & Customer Care Office. You could always pick up a form to tell us how you feel about our products and services.

The new year holds a determined agenda for Fides as we appreciate our customers and wish them the best of the season. We love to make our customers happy and fulfilled about our services all the time.

For our contacts: Reach us on:
* Production & Printing Jobs: 0817-020-4414 (Production Manager) and 0909-320-9690 (Customer Care Personnel)

* Social Media Contact: 0907-200-0206 and 0907-200-0510

* Reception: 0706-788-8448

* Marketing and Distribution: 0907-700-0659 & 0907-700-0237

* Book shop: 0909-202-5353

Have a memorable Christmas Celebration and a Happy new year!!!