Fides Director Visits Printing Presses in Awka.. seeks Collabo

By Alexander Johnson Adejoh

Printing, a bustling business in Nigeria, experienced a momentous occasion as Reverend Father Dr. Robert Anagboso, Fides Director, embarked on a tour of the city’s prominent printing presses. With a mission to seek collaboration and understand the industry’s challenges, Fr Anagboso visited SCOA Heritage Press, Awka; Ace Prints; End Point Printing Press; and other renowned establishments.

During his tour, Fr Anagboso engaged in insightful discussions with press owners and managers, shedding light on the pressing issue of incessant increases in printing material prices. The escalating costs which have posed a significant challenge for the local printing industry.

Additionally, the exorbitant prices of diesel and fuel were exacerbating the situation, making it increasingly difficult for the presses to operate efficiently.

Fr Anagboso, known for his astute understanding of business dynamics, aims to study the operations of these presses and learn how they manage to satisfy their customers amidst the industry’s challenges. He believes that by sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration, they can collectively find solutions to their common problems.

At SCOA Heritage Press, the director engaged in fruitful discussions with the management team, delving into the intricacies of their production processes. He admired their commitment to delivering high-quality prints despite the hurdles they faced.

The visit inspired him to explore potential avenues for collaboration between Fides and SCOA Heritage Press, envisioning a mutually beneficial partnership that could propel both organizations forward.

Ace Prints, another revered establishment, offered Fr Anagboso a glimpse into their innovative practices. Their emphasis on embracing modern technology and streamlining workflows impressed the director. He recognized the potential for implementing similar advancements at Fides, envisioning a more efficient and cost-effective printing operation for the organization.

End Point Printing Press, a renowned name in the industry, showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. Fr Anagboso was captivated by their personalized approach and attention to details. He believed that by adopting similar strategies, Fides could enhance its own customer experience and strengthen its position as a leading printing press.

Throughout his tour, Fr Anagboso listened intently, assimilating valuable insights from each press he visited. He realized that collaboration and knowledge-sharing were vital to overcoming the challenges faced by the printing industry in Awka. Inspired by the innovative approaches and unwavering dedication he witnessed, he returned to Fides with a renewed sense of purpose, determined to implement positive changes that would benefit both the organization and its customers.

The Fides Director’s visit to the presses in Awka marked a turning point in the local printing industry. His quest for collaboration and understanding has sparked a newfound sense of camaraderie among the presses, encouraging them to unite and face their challenges together.

As the industry continues to navigate the turbulent waters of rising material costs and fuel prices, the seeds of collaboration sown during Fr Anagboso’s visit promise a brighter future for all involved.