Fides Director Tasks Young People on Talents at Independence Mass

By Uche Enem

The Director of Fides Communications, Rev. Fr. Martin Anusi, has tasked young people on the need to make use of their Godgiving talent for their physical wellbeing and for the good of society. He made this call on 1st October 2018 at the independence Mass celebrated at Fides Chapel.

Using the stories of great men and women in the world, he told them that achieving success is not determined by the amount of money one possesses, rather by the time and efforts the person makes to achieve a goal. He told them that they should have passion for whatever they do and learn to be patient in reaching their goals and objectives.

Fr. Martin stated that it wasn’t through stealing or become a politicians people became great, rather through their sincere efforts, passion and dedication they will strive. He said that the greatest men on earth were never politicians and gave examples of great people like Dangote, Apple, Google, Coca Cola, BMW, Mercedes and many other great people whose success stories are unique and inspiring.

He told them that achievement comes when people change their mentality and driving force to towards success. He advised young people to have focus and to use every opportunity wisely. He commended some members of Fides Staff, for their creativity, dexterity and exceptionality in their duties and abilities.