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Fides Director Receives Ada Igbo Zuru Oke Worldwide

…Pledges support for Beauty Queen

By Precious Ukeje

Fides Newspaper contributor and Anchor, School R un Page, Miss Princess Chinecherem Efobi, who is recently crowned ‘Ada Igbo Zuru Oke,’ last Thursday, was formally received at the premises of Fides Media, Nodu, Okpuno, Awka, by the Director of Fides Media, Rev. Fr Dr Martin Anusi.

Miss Efobi, who is also a media assistant at DOSAD, the Sports Directorate of the Catholic Diocese of Awka, emerged winner among other girls at a keenly contested competition at Okija, Anambra State, in which they were thoroughly tested in Igbo cultures and tradition, as well as some performing arts including dancing, singing and comedy she arrived Fides premises at about few minutes past five to formally present herself to the Fides Media Community, where she also shared some insights into her journey to royalty.

She was accompanied by a chaperon, simply identified as Ngozi, and a host of other persons who were in her entourage, and spoke extensively on the process of the competition which she described as difficult.

Appreciating Fr Anusi and the Fides Media Community, Efobi said, ‘When I began this journey, it was not easy. At some point, it felt as though I could not continue. It involved huge sum of money, and time in preperation and people were not willing to help as they clung to the coronavirus pandemic and harsh economic realities as excuse,’ while noting, however, that she did not draw back when she sets out to do a thing notwithstanding the circumstances.

Also an actress, she explained how she sometimes, got heady and waded into projects that she was warned against which turned out successful against popular expectation. She added that her mind was made up for the pageantry and she had no need to let her hands off the plough.

Responding, Fides Media Director lauded her for taking up the initiative to compete in the pageantry without being pushed by anyone, and told her that such victory was laced with expectations from several quarters she now represented.

Speaking in Igbo, Fr Anusi explained, ‘You know that it is “Ada Igbo Zuru Oke” and the daughter is vested with enormous responsibility,’ while adding that she had not only brought victory for herself but also for every organization which she is part of.

Rev. Fr Obinna Dike, the Deputy Director 1, Fides Media, who had been a guardian to Miss Efobi, was also appreciated by Fr Anusi for his support to the beauty queen and guidance through the process of the competition and eventful victory. He urged her to focus on what was ahead and be pragmatic about it.

Fr Anusi pledged the support of Fides Media as well as his personal support, and added that he would make arrangements for her to meet with the Bishop of the diocese, Most Rev. Paulinus Ezeokafor, for a formal presentation and to inform him that a staff of Fides Media emerged victorious in a beauty pageant competition.

Miss Efobi was then advised to pay attention to her demeanor as she had become a public figure by reason of conferment as Ada Igbo Zuru Oke Worldwide, and expectations from her were high. ‘Your age,’ the Fides Director explained, ‘does not necessarily matter anymore, but the mark you now bear.’ He however urged her not to be shaken about that as she had enormous support including commensurate media exposure.

Contributing, Fr Obinna appreciated Fr Anusi and Fides Media for what he described as their immense support, describing Miss Efobi as one whose persistence was both positive and productive. He expressed pleasure at the turn out of things and his father-daughter relationship with her.

He explained that he was dazed at the way the event at which Miss Efobi contested was organized, noting that there was a long list of questions which the contestants were meant to attempt; an event which brought together numerous beauty queens from several quarters of Nigeria.

He added that the contest became so tough that there were two persons standing shoulder to shoulder until Miss Efobi emerged by the whiskers with the knowledge of things she had learned in Fides Media.

Miss Efobi was described by the judges at the event as being versatile, possessing ability to network with people, and she was charged to live up to expectations, minding her outfits and her manner of conversations within and outside the public; also to seek deeper knowledge of the Igbo cultures and traditions.