Fake Nurse Costs Pregnant Woman Her Baby, Womb, during Delivery

By Sunny A Ijomah

Tragedy occurred in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State when a woman simply known as Mrs Vivian lost her baby and had her womb cut off after she went into labour in which she was singlehandedly attended to by a fake nurse.

The fake nurse identified as Mrs Ebi Igho, was arrested from her New Era Jakpa Road residence by a human rights activist, Kelvin Ejumudo.

According to the activist, the fake nurse performed delivery procedure on the woman, using a torch light and gave her multiple cuts that left the victim in a pool of blood.

The victim was said to have bled from 9am to about 8pm before she was rushed to the general hospital where her womb was allegedly removed in order to save her life.

Activist Kelvin Ejumudo wrote in part, ‘One Mrs Ebi Igho who resides off New Era Street, Jakpa Road, Effurun, in Uvwie Local Government Council Area of Delta State, was today (last Wednesday) arrested by me for delivering a pregnant woman, Mrs Vivian, surname withheld, and in the process she lost the baby and went into serious bleeding from 9am till 8pm in the evening after the baby had breached in the womb and she went ahead to give the mother multiple cuts that left her in the pool of her blood before she was rushed to Central Hospital, Warri, and in the process her womb was removed in order to save her life.

‘When interrogated, Mrs Ebi Igho, the fake nurse, it was found, was not a registered nurse and had not gone through any medical institution from any university but was operating in isolation as a quack, thereby endangering the lives of pregnant women.

‘She carried out this process with the use of a touch light and no generating set and no license to operate as a nurse.’