Failure, not an Option, Anambra People Task Soludo

By Ikeugonna Eleke

Anambra indigenes have tasked the governor-elect, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, on the need to ensure full implementation of his campaign manifesto once sworn in to ensure a better life for Anambra People.

Some of the indigenes who spoke to Fides on the emergence of Soludo as the winner of the just concluded governorship election, tasked him to wipe away the tears of the people of the state, and also shame critics.

Most indigenes who are still basking in the euphoria of Soludo’s victory described him as a competent hand to handle the state’s compass, stating that failure was not an option.

A human rights lawyer, Barr Anthony Agbasiere, who also reacted to Soludo’s victory in an open letter, tasked him on the need to address the needs of the people, from infrastructure, employment, job provision, abolition of multiple taxation on poor traders and many more.

He decried the huge tax burden placed on the ordinary citizens of the state, begging the governor-elect to seek better ways to enhance the internally generated revenue of the state without burdening the people.

He said: ‘There is a myriad of taxes placed on our people and these taxes have saddled on us a huge burden which has not only left so many of our people in economic stagnation but has also left many businesses nose-diving.

‘We voted for you to look into this. Sir, the extortion of our market men and women, motorists, keke and okada riders by motor park agents (agbero), police people and other uniformed men/women is also part of the reasons why we voted you to address it squarely.

‘The divine sojourn has just begun. An era unfolds the brand new dawn before us, one which has been entrusted to you to steer the ship of its affairs to our collective desired destination. Our minds are at peace and our hopes stand high because once again the compass that directs our sail is held by the chosen competent captain.’

Speaking on areas that needed specific attention, Agbasiere counted unemployment and underemployment as among them, including youth restiveness and empowerment.

He described the issue of unemployment and underemployment among the youths in the country as no news to anyone, as many of the youths had resorted to the negative development of individual talents to make ends meet.

He said, ‘The problem of unemployment and underemployment among the youths can be easily tackled by building companies and creating industries where this large number of youths of different levels of qualification can be employed or find themselves employed from the opportunities the existence of these industries would create.’ He also tasked Soludo to give education, healthcare, sports and other sectors the needed attention that would make the state glow.