By Fr. Augustine Ebuka Nnadi

In our last episode, we tried to answer the question on the possibility of a Christian dating someone without offending God. I am of the opinion that a boy and a girl can date and love each other without offending God. It is just all about setting boundaries. Now, the question is, where can a boy and a girl set boundaries when it comes to affection?

Sexual desires are gifts from God, and approved by God. From the Book of Genesis, God made them male and female, and He intended that male and female should desire each other just like a positive charge is attracted to a negative charge. That desire is meant to lead to intimacy. At the level of sexual desire which ought to be selfless, love is established and nourished. However, there is the tendency for the sexual desire to become selfish. At this point, it turns to sexual lust which sees the other as an object instead of a subject. This is where the boundary is crossed. The question now is, how can a male and female love one another in selfless sexual desire without crossing into the selfish sexual lust? To be continued next week….

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Fr. Ebuka prays for you.

Fr. Augustine Ebuka Nnadi.