Eyes on The Judiciary

By Rev Fr Gerald Nwafor

The election ended on the 25th of February 2023. The irregularities were so enormous that the deaf could hear and the blind could see, but the umpire decided to announce a winner with all the irregularities called rigging in simple languages. But there was voter intimidation which has metastasized the ethnic and religious division in the Nigerian state.

The NNPP candidate decided that he has no case in court concerning the presidential election and decided to join the party that was declared the winner by the election which is the APC. On the other hand, the Labour Party and the PDP decided that they won the election but were rigged out by the powers that be, so they decided to go to court. The APC political attack dogs were unleashed on the Nigerian public telling everyone who cares to listen to go to court if they were not satisfied with the INEC result.

I did not doubt for a moment that Peter Obi would go to court because feeling the heartbeat of the nation, the electorate knew who they voted for in the presidential election. I was hesitant on the side of PDP being represented by Atiku because Atiku has been in the political space of Nigeria for too long, so he knows how the game was played.

I was thinking that he would give in and accept one contract or another, but thanks be to God that he decided to fight the battle with Peter. Atiku knew where most of the bodies are buried in the political arena. At one point, he was the presidential candidate of Tinubu’s ACN (Action Congress of Nigeria).

When he decided to go to court, I was so glad because I knew he would have a lot of information that would help the labour Party. Atiku was on the person of Tinubu and Shettima was not really on the election votes because they knew that the person of Tinubu is a fraud. So, if Tinubu is disqualified, the person who came second would be declared winner.

They did not foresee that Mr. Peter Obi would have the time and resources to gather all the evidence in the limited time provided. Therefore, while Atiku has demolished the fake person and the certificate of Tinubu, Peter has presented the incompetency and lies of the INEC officials and their cohorts. I followed the court process and there was no question about the certificate forgery on the person of Tinubu where a man is a female and the date of birth 1952 and 1954 of one person.

Thanks to the council of AtikuAbubakar who presented the evidence. Thanks to the Amazon group who came to prove beyond reasonable doubt that there was no technical glitch on the INEC machine and website on the day of election as they made Nigerians believe on the day of election.

Thanks to Channel Television who came to present the evidence of what the infamous Mr. Festus Okoye has been spitting on the national television since February 25th, 2023. There was a preponderance of evidence to show that INEC shortchanged Nigeria for a pot of porridge. But this time they would vomit the porridge and vow never to eat that kind of yam again.

Now, all the parties have submitted their petition and evidence. The eye of the Nigerian public is on the judiciary to do the needful. The manipulation at Obiakpo in River State where Peter Obi won a landslide victory and Mr. Wike who was the governor then decided to rig the election unintelligently.

How I wish that the Electoral Offense Commission would arrest the perpetrators of these evil acts against the Nigerian Nation and put them behind bars. How could it be that Peter Obi could not win in River State? Everyone in Nigeria knew that River State is an Igbo Nation not minding what people are saying when they need money or position from the government of the day.

In all the riggings and manipulations, the INEC personnel cannot stop Peter from winning 12 states and the FCT (Federal Capital Territory), that will show you the power of God in heaven. Shall we discuss the Federal Capital Territory where the constitution has said that for anyone to be declared president of Nigeria, he must have 25% of the vote cast in the FCT.

It has been ruled in the Supreme Court of Nigeria that 25% is sacrosanct and should be won by any of the presidential candidates before he could be declared a winner in the election. Look at what happened on the February 25th Presidential Election where Tinubu had only 19% of the vote cast in the Federal Capital Territory and the INEC chairman in the person of Mahmood Yakubu decided to go ahead and declare Tinubu winner and gave him the certificate as the President-elect. Is this not a broad-day robbery?

All eyes are on the judiciary now to tell us about the following in two weeks: That the 25% constitutional provision will not be followed. That the certificate produced by Chicago State University is fake. That the $450,000.00 is not a criminal conviction on a drug-related crime.

That Peter Obi’s form EC8E from all the pulling units is fake and not original since it was a certified true copy from INEC. That the purported glitch which Amazon has debunked is false. And many more empirical facts and constitutional laws which the market women can rule on are before the judiciary to do the needful. The Nigerian public has been civil since Yakubu rubbed shit on our faces by 4 am on the 28th of February.

This civility may not be taken for granted if the judiciary decides to go the way of Yakubu. Sri Lankans went to the presidential residence and the resident took to flight because he had 2 million visitors in one day. The judiciary (Appeal court judges), if care is not taken, may have 200 million visitors in one day. Our eyes are on them.

Rev Fr Gerald Nwafor writes from the USA.