Exit of a Prolific Writer

By Osita Anagboso Okeke

Chief David Maduelosi is a Product of the elite Catholic legacy school – Bubbendorf Memorial Secondary School Adazi-nnukwu; a college in the Eastern part of Nigeria which is a trail blazer in academics and other ways.

David, owing to his sharp brains, was awarded a scholarship to study abroad but circumstances beyond his control stopped that venture in question. Chief Maduelosi, as an educationist, has helped in bringing many people up academically through his teaching profession. His writing skills emanated by inspiration and perspiration, after all, an American and the inventor of electric bulb – Thomas Edison, had said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”.

A literary titan, Comrade David Maduelosi left this world on the 6thof September, 2018. Though he has gone, it is clear that his soul lives on, inspiring the future generations in line with the adage that says that “it is not all of the departed that are being referred to as ‘Late’ ”.

Shakespeare and Archengelo, et-cetera, are among the living dead. The body and the spirit depart but the soul lives on, inspiring, as it were, future generations.

David Maduelosi, alias Chinweike, made very strong foot prints on the sands of time through his write-ups. According to emeritus prolific writer, the late Chief Cyprian Ekwensi, “For a writer to be great, his works must be read, his works must be available for exposition and his writing must contain fundamental truth.”

Professor David Maduelosi wrote more than ten books in the Igbo and English Languages and they include, OKOLOMBA; OKUKU AGBATALU N’AFA; FORGET ABOUT IT; BOYS AT WAR; BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, among others. Some people may be baffled that I address David as a Professor but Igbos, being pragmatists, should know that he merited that honour; after all, he did more than what university Professors do, which is making write-ups before they are given such awards.

Rev. Fr. Cajetan Obiekezie a former Nigeria police boss who hails from Agulu, emphasized that there are three traits inherent in human beings that make them not to praise somebody who is greater than them. He gave these traits as inferiority complex, egoism and jealousy.

A person is not required to kill several lions before he should be called the killer of lion (ogbu- agu). Only one lion is enough. To be candid, of all the books written by Professor Chinua Achebe, only THINGS FALL APART made him popular throughout the whole world.

Although some of David’s literary works were pirated by unscrupulous publishers, one of the Presidents of America, by name, Ronald Reagan, said, “There is no limit to what a man can accomplish if he doesn’t care who shares the credit.”

David was a very straightforward fellow who could easily forgive a person no matter the magnitude of the offence meted out to him. He was a happy-go-lucky man – baakwomi as Hausa People may call it. He had not even an atom of cunning inscribed in his genetic code.

As a prolific writer, Comrade Maduelosi would have been very prominent and popular if he had resided in the Western world where creativity and ideas reign. But it is unfortunate he resided in a Third World country where money and property reign.

Adieu, prolific writer! Adieu, easy going man!! Adieu, Chinweike!!! May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord, Amen.

Okeke Anagboso Osita, a celebrated Social Philosopher, writes from Nneogidi Village, Agulu.

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