Erosion Victim Sends SOS to Obiano

By Mercy Hills

A resident of Deacon Chris Avenue, Ifite Awka, the state capital of Anambra State, has sent a Save our Soul message to the Anambra State Government over the collapse of his bungalow.
The building partially collapsed around ten O’clock in the night last Tuesday following a torrential down pour in most parts of the state.

Recounting the incident to Fides, the owner of the building Mr. Geoffrey Obi, who is a widower with four kids, revealed that his house had first been hit by erosion in 2016 after a heavy rainfall which triggered a gully erosion at the back of his house and noted that he had written to the Ministry of Environment in same year which attracted the officials of the ministry to the site but that nothing was done. He said this had resulted in the latest incident when part of the building collapsed.

Mr. Obi who noted that he had done series of palliative works to control the erosion, said he was outside his house that night with his children when the house caved in and called on the state government and well meaning individuals to come to his aid as he had no money to pay for rent if he was to abandon the already fallen apartment.

Fides observed that all the residential buildings close to the collapsed bungalow are equally under threat by erosion unless an urgent intervention is made. One of those buildings is a school.

Mr Geoffrey Obi, the owner of a partially collapsed building in Ifite Awka