Ensuring Free Traffic Flow this Yuletide

Anambra is reputed as the state with the best road network in Nigeria – thanks to the efforts of successive governments in the state. But despite this acclaim, road users go through nightmares during festive periods due to increased traffic. It is worse if there are no traffic officials to control traffic. The recent past festive periods readily attest to this fact.
Suddenly, the long awaited Christmas has come upon us. It is easily the singular most celebrated event east of the Niger that is predominantly populated by Christians. Coming at the close of the year only adds to its glamour and appeal as many people look forward to returning home at the end of the year. This is why traffic usually becomes congested in that period.
As we enter yet another yuletide, all the scenarios associated with it are already playing out with what has been witnessed over the past few days on the roads. Things are certain to get out of hand as more people arrive from their different abodes for the yuletide.
This is why we want to call on the appropriate government agencies, both federal and state, to come out with equally appropriate measures to ensure smooth flow of traffic across the state.
Of particular mention is the Niger Bridge Head in Onitsha which usually experiences crippling gridlocks on festive occasions. People have been known to sleep there on such occasions because of uncontrolled traffic. This should not be allowed to happen this time.
Last year, road traffic officials did quite a commendable job, working long hours, including at night, to keep the traffic going. More of such action is needed again this year so that road users are not unnecessarily delayed.
The officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, can count on the assistance of officials of Anambra State government agencies to perform this task. Road users should also cooperate with these agencies to ensure that nothing goes wrong.
We also want to appeal to the FRSC to clear the roads of all abandoned vehicles which often cause accidents on the road, even as they should check articulated vehicles which blind other road users with their bright lights which they fixed themselves. Although the FRSC says it has beamed its searchlights on such vehicles, we think their efforts need to be beefed up as the menace caused by those vehicles is injurious to all.