Enigmatic Donald Trump And American Politics

The recent outrageous and rather reckless statements credited to the controversial Republican Party front runner in the forthcoming Republican primaries in the U.S and billionaire businessman Donald Trump had once again taken the entire world by storm. Donald Trump the “Trumpeter”, who is well known for his highly undiplomatic and tactless utterances throughout his campaign trail for the highly exalted office of the President of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America, had yet again thrown a bombshell when he recently advocated for the immediate banning of all Muslims from entering the U.S. whom he had labeled as terrorists or extremists.
Donald Trump’s dramatic entry into the U.S. presidential race had suddenly changed the political equation in the U.S. as the leader of the free world and democracy. The Republicans are bent on wresting power from the Democrats whose incumbent President Barrack Obama’s two terms tenure is due to end by January 2017. The political stake in the presidential race, is unarguably very high, hence the two dominant parties are presently deploying all available political weapons to outscore each other and gain pre-eminence in the rather stiff contest which is considered to be unpredictable and still wide open to all the major contenders in the race. Donald Trump had apparently succeeded in attracting a huge crowd of Republicans mostly the diehard conservatives to his gospel of hate and racism, as he continued to traverse the length and breadth of the United States in his determined efforts to clinch the Republican ticket for the presidential race. Donald Trump’s enigmatic posture and message often threw his huge supporters into a frenzy mood whenever he mounted the rostrum to make one controversial statement or the other with his now familiar promise to make America great again if elected as the next President of U.S. Trump’s obvious appeal to the crowd as a celebrated entertainer and showman had placed him higher and above his fellow Republican contenders, many of them considered as political mediocre. Currently, he appears to be enjoying a comfortable lead among his fellow Republican contenders in almost all the national polls across the United States.
However, the political sermon of hate, division, racism and blackmail being constantly preached by Trump and often adopting the “Machiavellian” theory of the end justifies the means ostensibly aimed at upsetting the socio-political cum religious equilibrium in the American society and the world at large is capable of causing incalculable harm to the fortunes of the main stream Republican party during the presidential election due to be held in October 2016 or thereabout. Donald Trump’s political factor is already causing serious disquiet and ripples within the Republican Party which is polarized between the establishment and those considered as outsiders where Donald Trump himself belongs. The so-called establishment within the Republican Party however consider Trump as a demagogue whose style of politics is viewed as unconventional and a negation of the true spirit and ideals of the Republican party as enunciated by the founding fathers.
Donald Trump himself reacted recently when he threatened to pull out of the Republican Party or GOP and run as an independent candidate should the party fail to accord him due recognition and respect as the front runner in the race for the White House.
It is no gainsaying the fact however, that Donald Trump’s unguarded and utterly reckless utterances and innuendos were capable of setting the entire world ablaze, since those negative and dangerous comments were considered as anti-religious freedom, anti-social harmony, and anti-peaceful co-existence among the nations of the world. Any socio-religious disequilibrium or disharmony in the U.S. has far reaching and wider implications around the globe as the U.S. is the melting pot of diverse nationalities, races and cultures in the world.
Already about five hundred thousand signatories had been collected in the United Kingdom demanding that Donald Trump should be declared persona non grata and banned from entering the United Kingdom. This is clearly a danger signal which must be quickly nipped in the bud in order to avert further escalation of Trump’s mindless agenda of hate and racism or Nazism which is a vicious circle.
Sequel to the unfolding scenario, Donald Trump’s business empire in the predominantly Muslim Middle East Region particularly in Dubai had come under serious threat as a result of his Anti-Muslim stance. Similarly, other Muslim countries had equally called for the immediate and total ban on Trump’s businesses around the globe as a form of retaliatory action against his blatant religious prejudice and racism.
It will be recalled however, that Donald Trump in his apparent delusion, had threatened and blackmailed many nations, including the United States’ immediate neighbours such as Mexico among others as well as Iran which he had boasted he would destroy her “nuclear weapons” or facilities as soon as he became the 45th President and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. He had equally repudiated and disowned the recent nuclear treaty already signed by the five major world powers and Iran otherwise known as P5 + 1 in Geneva. Trump had boasted he would immediately reverse the treaty when he became the next President of the U.S.
Donald Trump in his campaign trail had often told his American audience that he would not hesitate to send American troops once again into the battle fronts in some troubled countries of the world including Syria if he became the next president of the U.S. with the sole aim of maintaining the American hegemony and influence around the globe as a super power.
By his current posturing, Donald Trump had failed or rather ignored to read the present mood of the American people who are already war weary and no longer interested in American military interventions in foreign lands simply to satisfy the U.S. expansionist ambition which had caused colossal losses both in human and material resources to the American people. The catastrophic adventure by the American military during the Vietnam war in the early seventies during President Richard Nixon era as well as the current Iraqi and Afghanistan debacles with the attendant consequences that had resulted in the monumental losses of the lives of thousands of American troops in these senseless wars are still fresh in the minds of the American people.
It is needless to emphasize the point in this piece however, that the foreign military interventions by the U.S. during the past three decades or so had adversely affected the American economy and created a monumental unemployment crisis among the American population as well as the downward slide in the quality of their lives or standard of living. The American people therefore could no longer afford a repeat of this madness called military interventions in foreign lands that would decimate their younger generations simply to maintain the American greatness and status as the world’s sole super power.
Indeed, Donald Trump and all he stands for could rightly be described as a great threat to world peace and as such the American people are enjoined to reject him outright in the forthcoming presidential election so as to continue to uphold the American common ideals and civilization as the leader of the free world and bastion of democracy.