Endless Work on Awka’s Flyovers

To say that the three flyovers in Awka have not changed the landscape of the capital city is to display ignorance. The flyovers located at Aroma, Kwata and Amawbia Junctions, which were constructed by the Willy Obiano administration, are eye catching. They have also finally given Awka a semblance of a modern state capital.
However, one thing which is threatening to undermine the three projects is the seemingly endless construction/repair (?) work that goes on there. Indeed ever since the three flyovers were constructed and commissioned, there is hardly a week that passes that one or two of them are not cordoned off because of work supposedly going on there. Thus a few minutes after one drives past any of them, one will be surprised to find the lane one used cordoned off. This has been on since the commissioning of the flyovers.
One would have thought that the commissioning of a project signals the end of any kind of work on it. This has not been the case with the flyovers in Awka. The constant work on them has begun to confuse road users and may well lead to an accident soon, especially in the night when road users may run into a barricade on any of the bridges.
Also for two weeks now even both portions of the Enugu/Onitsha Expressway have at one time been cordoned off, with men seen tilling the surface of the seeming good road. This caused near chaos in the traffic while it lasted.
While we acknowledge that the government wants the best for the citizenry, we also quickly posit that the same citizenry are beginning to feel irritated by the never ending work on the Awka flyovers. There must be an end to such work on such equally busy flyovers. Whatever is wrong ought to be addressed decisively once and for all; not the piecemeal approach that is obtainable now.
This is the second time we are constrained to write this but it underlines the seriousness we attach to the issue. We are hereby calling on the Anambra State Government to address this matter as the constant work on the bridges will soon become embarrassing, especially after their commissioning.
Meanwhile we urge the state government to fulfil its promise of building another pedestrian bridge at Regina Caeli Junction. The state governor, Willie Obiano, made this promise while commissioning Roban Stores in Awka late last year.
The importance of a bridge across the expressway at Regina Caeli Junction cannot be over emphasised. That junction will help many people living or doing business on either side of Old Awka town and Okpuno area. The distance between the said junction and either Unizik or Aroma Junctions is far and this has caused people living in the aforementioned areas to make a risky dash across the expressway to connect the other side instead of walking down to Unizik or Aroma junction.
That was why government’s announcement that it would build a bridge there was welcomed by many people. We thus urge the government to expedite action on the project as it will help avert accidents at that point.

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