Embracing Paganism Is Going Back to Slavery – Archbishop Okeke

By Sunny A Ijomah

The Chief Shepherd of Onitsha Catholic Archdiocese, Most Rev. Valerian Okeke, last Sunday, called on Christians to shun paganism and be committed to their faith in God.

The Prelate gave the advice during a homily, saying that any Christian who embraced paganism in an attempt to find a solution to a problem was simply going back to the land of slavery.

The Archbishop expressed worry that nowaday, people resurrected forgotten deities that never brought light or life to their forebears.

He regretted that they embraced such acts and creating gods to worship because they had been brainwashed by the so-called witch doctors they had consulted.

Archbishop Okeke stated categorically that there was no life or solution in paganism and that one rather ended up in the land of slavery where one’s soul would be perpetually sold to the devil.

The Prelate reminded the faithful that those who suffered for the evil they committed would get the crown of glory since they were only paying for their sins.

‘You are on course when you suffer for good and you will gain glory at the end,’ he said.

The Archbishop further charged Christians to share from the glory of Christ by accomplishing the task before them as Christians.

‘Do your own duty as Christians. Always stand on the truth with integrity and demonstrate full commitment in practicing your Christianity and you will begin to witness God’s miracles in your life,’ he assured.