Embrace Soludo’s Youth Skill Programme, Avoid Trouble, Nimo Youths Advised

By Jude Atupulazi

Youths of Nimo in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State have been advised to refrain from making trouble in the community but rather seek ways of becoming gainfully employed. This  advice was given by the Nimo Town Development Union, NTDU, which further advised them to key into the One Youth, Two Skills Programme of the Anambra State Government.

In a press statement made available to newsmen in Awka, and signed by the publicist of NTDU, Comrade Sir Clems Ebele Ezedinachi, the town union frowned on the preference of some youthful elements in the community to foment unnecessary trouble aimed at disrupting the peace of the town, rather than engage in useful ventures such as the one provided by the state government and the town.

The NTDU’s admonition was in reaction to another round of protest by some elements in the community at Government House, Awka, last Wednesday, where they alleged high handedness and sale of community land by the traditional ruler and the town union.

But reacting to that, the NTDU advised these youths to venture into fruitful endeavours and to particularly key into the state government’s One Youth, Two Skills Programme, rather than looking for quick fixes.

‘The Nimo Community has also weighed in on this by providing interested youths with useful skills. But we understand that no matter what anyone does there still will be those averse to honest work,’ the press statement read.

This is even as it disclosed that those behind the protest were a few elements in the town who were disappointed that the administration of Nimo affairs was no longer business as usual.

‘It is a known fact in our society that anyone stopped from using a source to milk the commonwealth usually fights back.

‘We wish to state that nothing happens in Nimo without it being discussed and approved by the apex decision making body of the town known as the Nimo General Assembly. Attendance of the meeting is open to every Nimo person and decisions take there are binding on all.

‘But what we have today is a situation where a few elements who never attend meetings have recruited some ignorant youths to cause confusion in the town while clandestinely pushing their private and nefarious agenda. Thus they are today trying to bring back the hands of the clock by stopping development in the town and thus making a nuisance of themselves.

‘We wish to put in on record that our traditional ruler has no involvement in the sale of any land. The Anambra State Laws have clearly stipulated the duties of the palace and the town union and so has it been in Nimo.

‘The Nimo General Assembly approved the plotting and selling of portions of Owa Land years ago which is being implemented now and headed by a committee of competent individuals. Monies realized from the sales are to be channeled into developing the town, of which the ongoing Civic Centre is the first beneficiary.

But these disgruntled elements would rather want the communal land to be shared individually for them to probably use the proceeds to fund their passions and return again to ask for more.

‘It is a fact that youth restiveness is now the norm in many communities where they have become a law unto themselves and dictating to people who build houses how much to pay them. This is injurious to government’s clarion call for people to return home and develop the state,’ the statement further read.

It said the minutes of the Nimo General Assembly authorizing the sale and development of Owa Land were available for anyone to see, noting that the decision on Owa Land preceded the current traditional ruler, who, it said, was not even up to five years on the throne.

‘Therefore any allusions to him selling the land are mischievous. There is no crisis in Nimo and not a single life has been lost due to any imaginary crisis being peddled by these mischievous elements.

‘We therefore, once more apologize to the state government for the continued embarrassment caused it by these pernicious elements who are part of the problems being experienced in many communities,’ the NTDU stated in the release, while disclosing that 90 percent of the protesters were not indigenous people of Nimo, having been bought by those people who never wish Nimo well,’ the statement concluded, while insisting that people of Nimo were solidly behind their elected leadership.