ELOVAS Foundation Int’l Condemns Flogging, Nude Video of woman

. . Wants Justice, Rehabilitation for Victim

By Ifeoma Ezenyilimba

An NGO known as Excellent Ladies of Valour and Steel (ELOVAS) Foundation International, has condemned the recent nude video on a woman, who was stripped naked by her fellow woman, flogged and sent out of the compound naked, for allegedly having an affair with another woman’s husband.

Reacting to the nude video which had gone viral in the internet, the founder / president of ELOVAS, Queen Lady Ngozi Ekwunife, condemned in totality the action of the suspect, identified as Ogochukwu Nwankwo, and her accomplice, Tochukwu Azotani, on the victim, Ogochukwu Okafor.

According to Queen Lady Ekwunife, the action of the duo, under the watch of the man, Ifeanyi Azotani, who was said to have invited the victim to his house, was inhumane, disgraceful, barbaric and heartless. She noted that no right thinking person would do such to a human being.

Ekwunife, who said she did not support infidelity, insisted that no action of the victim ought to have warranted what she described as heartless behaviour which the suspect and her accomplice meted out on her.

Pointing out the need for women to learn how to control their emotions in such cases as infidelity, she however, advised her fellow women as well as the men, to try and keep away from infidelity.

The president advocated rehabilitation and proper counselling for the victim, which she said were necessary to enable her get over the trauma which had engulfed her.

On whether the victim could get Justice as the case was already in court, the ELOVAS president stated her conviction that she would. According to her, what the accused did to the victim was sin against humanity, and the victim deserved Justice.

She equally condemned the action of the man, Azotani, who invited the victim and watched her molested, describing the man as a weakling and cheat, who deserved to be punished too.

Ekwunife noted that ELOVAS Foundation Int’l (formerly Excellent Ladies Forum Int’l), which has to stimulate and encourage members to develop spirituality and fear of God as well as champion the right for women as its vision, was against such barbaric act.

Recall that the Anambra State Police Command had on March 26, 2019, at Awka, paraded three suspects who were Tochukwu Azotani, (female); Ogochukwu Nwankwo, (female) and Ifeanyi Azota, (male), over alleged conspiracy, blackmail, deprivation of liberty and assault occasioning harm on one Ogochukwu Okafor, female.

The three suspects were arrested following the report made at the Central Police Station, Awka by the victim, Okafor, who alleged that she was on March 19, 2019, invited by her male facebook friend, Ifeanyi Azota to his house, at Amawbia. That while at the house, the principal suspect, who according to her claimed to be the man’s wife, suddenly came in with her friend, and locked her in the bathroom for almost four hours.

Okafor alleged that the suspect and her friend came back with two big canes, stripped her naked, flogged her mercilessly and sent her out of the compound naked (as was seen in the video that had gone viral).

The complainant further alleged that the principal suspect, Azotani, called her on the phone the next day, and demanded the sum of N60, 000 from her or they would send out the nude video. Okafor said she refused to pay the money, and consequently, the video went viral.

The three suspects have been charged to court.