Obiano @ 61: Forging a United Front

Aug 12, 2016

Last Monday, August 8, the Anambra State governor, Willie Obiano, clocked 61 years of age. Truly, 61 years in the life of a man is no mean feat. Being that it is only by the special grace of God that we live through each day, it becomes a thing of joy when we reach a certain age. That is why we heartily send our warmest regards to our governor as he celebrates his 61st birthday.
Birthdays are used by some people to give thanks to God and also to extend philanthropic gestures to the less privileged. Others use such occasions to throw lavish parties to probably announce their arrival at the apex of the social ladder.
We trust, however, that our governor will use this special period to remember the less privileged and to show gratitude to God for all He has done for him, which is what matters in the Christian faith that he professes.
Nothing could be a better indication of his readiness to truly show gratitude to God than his recent public apology to his predecessor, Peter Obi. It was a great show of humility which is alien to our leaders here. It is significant as the Bible tells us that the best way of reconciling with God is to reconcile with our fellow men. That apology is probably the best birthday gift Obiano has given to Anambra State in this auspicious period.
As the people of the state therefore felicitate with him on his birthday, we expect that what should be uppermost in their minds will be to help him consolidate on the peaceful move he has initiated, rather than encourage him to deviate from that.
His birthday should be an occasion for forging a united front, rather than being divisive. He has played the first ball and it is left for the people around him to encourage him.
Anambra needs their best to work together in harmony for the progress of the state, especially at a time when their region has faced their greatest marginalisation.
Those who love the governor should therefore advise him properly, bearing in mind that the interests of the state supersede theirs and that at the end of the day, it will be the state that will win.



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