Leveraging on Gov Obiano’s Zik Leadership Award

Jul 15, 2016

Last Sunday, July 10, the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, received the prestigious Zik Leadership Award in the nation's capital, Abuja. The award, according to the organizers, was given to him as a result of good governance. Obiano was among other leaders honoured at the event.
We want to commend the governor for this award, particularly coming on the heels of an earlier one he received from the Sun Newspapers as Governor of the Year.
There is no doubt that the Zik Leadership Award is a prestigious one and for them to recognize Gov Obiano is no mean feat for the governor. The award was named after Nigeria's foremost nationalist, Nnamdi Azikiwe who was also a detribalised Nigerian.
As Gov Obiano joins the league of leaders who have been conferred the award, it is expected that, like Zik, he will display true leadership qualities by running an all-inclusive government that tolerates diverse views. It is expected also that he will be a true father of the state by ensuring that all parts therein are treated equally as he continues to steer the ship of state.
We are however satisfied that he has done his best so far within his limited resources. We pray that he will continue to remain focused and refuse to be distracted by praise singers. He should use the remaining part of his first tenure to tie up loose areas and then subject his report card to the electorate to assess.  
Once more he should accept our congratulations.

For a month now, the people residing in or passing through Nanka have been subjected to all manner of undignified treatment by men of the Anambra State Police Command. Cases of harassment, intimidation, extortion of commuters and outright beating of residents and passers-by are being daily reported but the cries of the victims have continued to fall on deaf ears.
The police came there as a result of a crisis in the community but have since turned themselves into an army of occupation that has been showing hostility to their hosts.
It is indeed disturbing that the cries of the hapless citizenry have not touched the heart of the police commissioner to compel him to restrain his boys from bullying people there.
This is why we are appealing to the Anambra State Government to wade in and save the people from police brutality. Everybody in Nanka is not a criminal and should not therefore, be treated as one now.
The state government has the responsibility to protect the citizens and its continued silence over the show of shame in Nanka is hard to comprehend.
They should act now or have themselves to blame if this escalates into something more serious. 



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