Murder of Bridget Agbaheme in Kano: Enough is Enough

Jun 10, 2016

Some days ago, Nigerians with conscience were shocked to the marrows when they heard about the callous murder of an Igbo woman in Kano, Mrs Bridget Agbaheme, who was beheaded by a mob of blood thirsty Muslims for purportedly insulting Prophet Mohammed. She was from Mbaitoli in Imo State.
According to a version of the story which seemed to be true, a Muslim had positioned himself in front of the woman's shop in the market in the peak hours to perform his ablutions. The woman had asked him to go away from her shop to another place for the rite since her shop was not the appropriate place.
Thereafter an argument had ensued after which the Muslim reportedly sent and reported the matter to his brethren who stormed the woman's shop in their numbers, dragged her and her husband out and proceeded to stone and beat the woman till she died after which her head was severed and taken round the market like a trophy.
While she was being beaten and later beheaded, her husband was watching but could do nothing. He was only saved from harm by the arrival of the police.
Shortly after the incident, the Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, had strongly condemned the brutal killing of the woman who hailed from his state, describing the murder as the height of recklessness.
Reports monitored on the internet stated thus, ''When the sad news was broken to him, the governor took the necessary steps and even went beyond the media reports on the sad development to confirm the report and discovered that the woman in question was truly from Mbaitoli Local Government of the state.
''In an effort to unravel the perpetrators of this heinous crime, the governor had immediately called on all relevant security agencies in Kano State to leave no stone unturned in carrying out thorough investigation into the killing of the woman, and also stop at nothing to bringing those who carried out the murder to book and pay dearly for their wicked act.
''The governor has also appealed to Imo indigenes in Kano State to remain calm to enable law enforcement agents to do their job by carrying out the needed investigation into the matter and also take the necessary actions.''
We join Rochas in condemning the act which is a huge blight on the continued unity of Nigeria. Gradually, events in the country these past months are gravitating the country towards anarchy and ethnic conflict due largely to the actions and inactions of the federal government.
Some Nigerians have lately been seeing and parading themselves as untouchables and this belief has been goading them into committing atrocious acts which sadly, have yet to be dealt with the seriousness they deserve.
The murder of Bridget is yet another sad chapter in our national life and one that further asks questions on the credibility of the country's claim to oneness.
No excuse by the security agencies for not arresting and prosecuting the killers of Bridget will be entertained because the murderers posed with the severed head for the world to see and the pictures are all over the social network.
The federal government must set an example with the killers of Bridget if this madness is to stop. Killing one on the allegation of blaspheming one's religion is arrant nonsense. There are ways of channelling grievances; not by resorting to jungle justice.
We live in a country where taking of human life is regarded as routine, especially if such life belongs to a section of the country that is only seen but not heard.
We demand full justice for the family of the slain woman and adequate compensation by the Kano State Government to the family.
While nothing can bring back the woman to life or compensate for the pain the family will be going through, bringing the killers to book and compensating the family will show that our government still has a human face.
The world is waiting and watching.  



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