The Scourge of the Herdsmen

Apr 29, 2016

For some months now, the new scourge of Fulani herdsmen invading villages and killing the innocents and unsuspecting occupants has taken a toll on the country. They graze their cattle on the lands of poor villagers, fully loaded with AK47 rifles and other deadly weapons, including their machetes, for butchering their victims or brutally mutilating them. Indeed, so many communities have fallen prey to these mercenaries.
Very recently, a calm village called Ukpabi Nimbo in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State was attacked in such a manner that reminded Nigerians of the dreaded Boko Haram Sect. They invaded the community, burnt down Christ Holy Catholic Church in the same town and went ahead to raze about eleven houses. The attackers, said to number about five hundred, killed scores of people during the early morning raid.
Given the manner in which this particular attack on Nimbo Community played out, it leaves one wondering if these people are not the members of the Boko Haram terrorist group. It looks like they have simply changed tactics and reinforced in order to attack Southerners.
The question then remains, why herdsmen should decide to wipe out a people for no reason? What reason do they have for grazing their cattle with all those arms and ammunition? Are they really herdsmen? What grouse do they have with Christianity that would prompt them to burn down the house of God?
It is so sad that Nigerians are once again facing the possibility of another clash which might be ethnic or religious. This will definitely not be good for this country and its citizenry, considering the biting times already faced by the nation presently.
One thing that is not right about this serious menace is that the government of this country has not addressed the issue on ground.  The president of this country is Fulani, and his people are threatening the security of life and property of the South East zone by unleashing terror and killing them in a gruesome manner and the president has still not said a word to that effect. That is really sad and leaves much to be expected from him.
The people of this country need to be assured that they are indeed safe. The town in question, Nimbo, is said to be one of the most backward towns in the south east. They enjoy relative peace and are most content with their major source of livelihood which is farming!  Blowing up their town in such a gruesome manner was uncalled for and it is more painful considering that they never lashed out first.
They were caught unawares as they had not expected any such attack on their persons, farmlands, property or even their place of worship.
Fides even gathered that a certain man from Nimbo was kidnapped last week by these herdsmen but was released after a ransom was paid. According to our news source, on his release, the herdsmen told him to take the message home that they would launch an attack on their town. Apparently, they did not take the threat seriously and brushed it aside, hence the reason for their unpreparedness when the Fulani herdsmen unleashed terror.
The sad reality is that this waste of human life would have been avoided if security agencies had done the needful. As long as a kidnap took place and a ransom was paid before the victim was released, the message sent across by the herdsmen should have been taken seriously. This is a call to our security operatives to sit up in their duties and fulfil their primary objective of protecting the life and property of Nigerians!



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