Anambra's Recruitment Corruption: Attention Obiano, Legislators

Jan 30, 2016

There is a new but disturbing trend in the country concerning employment of job seekers. Under this, the desperation of job seekers to land jobs is exploited by unscrupulous individuals who demand huge sums of money from them as a condition for employing them. In most cases, they are made to pay sums far in excess of what they are going to earn when employed. We have seen this ugly trend in the immigrations, oil companies and indeed in virtually every employment opening.
In these cases, we, down here had sat and watched helplessly as they were not within our powers to handle. But lately, we have had ones that happened here in Anambra State that we could have handled but failed to do so. 
In the last recruitment exercise into the state's civil service, there were widespread cases of extortion and nepotism which were swept under the carpet. Fides reported how somebody was offered employment while still in school by her highly placed relation. 
The employment waited for the student to take the offer whenever she finished from school. While the employment waited for her, those who were ripe for employment were denied the opportunity for the simple reason that they did not have godfathers or mothers. Others had to pay huge sums to be employed.
As if what happened in the civil service case was not enough, it was replicated in the Anambra State judiciary which employed workers in 2014. As in previous cases, job seekers were made to pay upwards of N300, 000 for them to be employed. This is even when fresh graduates are to earn around N36, 000 when and if employed.
Many who paid were not employed and that meant that the money they borrowed to pay was wasted.
This is indeed unacceptable. A situation where some civil servants reap off the sweat of others just because they have the opportunity, should not be encouraged. If action was taken against the perpetrators of the civil service scam, those in the judiciary would not have done theirs.
We therefore urge the Anambra State government to probe into the activities of the shylocks in the civil service and punish offenders. We also call on the members of the state house of assembly to dig into the matter. Those who were victims of the scam should be encouraged to come out and reveal those to whom they paid money.
Such people should not just be made to cough out such monies but should be severely punished. Innocent people should not be exposed to the ravenous appetites of corrupt civil servants or government officials. People should be employed on merit and nothing more.
We also call on the Chief Judge of the state as well as the Chief Registrar to carry out the first probe into the last recruitment exercise in the judiciary and fish out the culprits.
We also urge parents and job seekers to expose those who demand money from them as this will keep them in check. If they cannot go to their bosses, they can expose them in the media which will take up the challenge. The fight against this anomaly is for everybody.
In this era of the war against corruption, we should not be seen to stand aloof and watch corruption eating deep into our system. The more this is condoned, the more the system will rot. Enough is enough. 



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