Zero Potholes, Good Work, Obiano

Jan 08, 2016

Not long into the life of the present administration in Anambra State, the governor, Willie Obiano, announced his resolve to banish potholes from Anambra's roads. That disclosure brought relief to many citizens of the state who have variously experienced the problems caused by the numerous potholes dotting the roads in the state.
After that announcement however, it appeared the government's words had not been matched with action as the potholes seemed to be unconquerable. But after a renewed assurance on his readiness to tackle the potholes, the Anambra State government has this time made good its promise by embarking on a massive filling of all the potholes.
A look at most major roads today will reveal that indeed a lot of effort has been put into their rehabilitation ahead of the yuletide season.
Also in Awka, one of the lanes on the Enugu/Onitsha Express Way is being tarred also preparatory to the yuletide. That section of the road had remained untarred for a long time now, with the dust seriously affecting road users and those either living near it or doing business there.
No doubt, its tarring will now free vehicles from the other lane who have been avoiding it and thereby making that other lane congested.
What the state government is doing now portrays the action of a responsive government. But having made good its promise on this score, the state government should ensure that the potholes are not allowed to linger for long whenever they resurface again.
This is because those potholes have been known to cause fatal accidents when drivers of vehicles attempt to avoid them at top speed, just as those drivers who run into them often lose control of their vehicles, resulting in their vehicles somersaulting.
It therefore goes without saying that government's zero-pothole policy is very much desirable and one that will not just make driving smoother but save lives.
We once more hail the state government for this policy.



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