Easter: Be Patient in the face of Difficulties – Bishop Okoye

. . Says Christ’s Resurrection Brings New Hope for Nigerian

By Chioma Ndife

The Auxiliary Bishop of Awka Catholic Diocese, Most Rev. Jonas Benson Okoye, has called on Nigerians to be patient in the face of difficulties which they often encounter in their day to day activities, noting that Christ’s resurrection will bring new hope to all those in distress in Nigeria.

Bishop Okoye made the call at St. Joseph’s Pro Cathedral, Ekwulobia, Aguata LGA, during the celebration of Christ’s Triumphant Entry, popularly known as the Palm Sunday, with Catholic faithful from the Ekwulobia Community among other residents on Sunday, April 14, 2019.

He beckoned on them to accept the various travails and difficulties which they had been facing as Nigerian citizens in good faith, noting that they were being prepared for greater things ahead.

He regretted that the bad leadership in the nation had exposed people to worst living situations and noted that positive change was needed to remedy the situation which people had been facing.

In his words, ‘In line with today’s celebration which is the Passion Sunday, it is important that Christians, especially in the midst of all difficulties, should hold fast to God who restores hope. The tendency in this country today, following bad leadership, is anger which is seen in all quarters of the Nation. The Buhari government is not helping matters.

‘So I implore all persons at this moment of tribulation, especially those in business, those serving in various ministries and captains of industries, to exercise patience; trusting in the lord and bearing in mind that what they faced now is part of the sufferings of Christ.’

He appealed to Christians never to be afraid to express their faith in Christ and disclosed that the revolution in leadership of Nigeria could only be made possible by God their father. He charged leaders to be mindful of the position which they occupied and to fulfill the intention of those that placed them in the position.

He revealed that the failure of Nigerian leaders to deliver the dividends of democracy attracted punishment from God who placed them in positions of authority. He noted that it was important for people to dissociate themselves from the joy that came from earthy things but to concern themselves with inner joy.

He explained that the Easter celebration signified Christ’s triumph over various barriers that limited human quest for holiness, noting that Christians were expected to rise with Christ at Easter, having been a part in Christ’s sufferings.

He implored Christ’s faithful to approach with love those who went against them, even in the face adversity as Christ did, bearing in Mind that truth was eternal and one day it would triumph. He maintained that it was important for people to pay more attention to the things that would help their spiritual life.

He beckoned on Christians to imbibe the virtues of Christ in their individual lives in a bid to make permanent the new life which Christ attained for them through his humble death on the Cross of Calvary.