Contact DOSAD SPORTS for all your sports needs:

1. Construction of sports arena/equipment/facilities ( fields, parks, lawns, pitches,etc).

DOSAD is currently assisting;

*Tansi International College Awka with standard field/track construction/grassing.

*Burbendoff Adazi Nnukwu field/track construction

*AUSTICA basketball mini court

*NANKA Tennis centre

*St Paul Umuchu (construction of children’ playing equipment)


2. Organizing/ hosting games

DOSAD assists in professional organizing of sports events like Inter House competitions, church/secular sports meet. DOSAD has done it successfully at 2015 priests’ games, Inter house competitions of Angel Gabriel Nursery/Primary school Nodu Okpuno, Inter House of Basilica School Onitsha, Enugwu-Ukwu ECDU Football Fiesta, Enugwu-Ukwu Catholic Xmas football Competition etc. DOSAD assists in both the programming and logistics of standard sports events hosting.

3. Sale/Hiring of Equipment and Appurtenances/Referees/Umpires

4. Fitness/Weight loss and gain needs/Exercise programmes services

5. Coaching/training services

6. Recreational services

7. Sports consultancy services

Also engage DOSAD Sports for professional sports/recreation for your Sports needs:

1.      Standard marking of fields and arenas.

2.      Provision of match officials.

3.      Provision of trophies, medals, plaques, etc. and branding them.

4.      Provision of Jerseys, kits, officials wears and branding items.

5.       Provision of other sports equipment like balls, beeps, substitution board, result sheets, nets, flags etc.

6.      Pictures/memoirs for documentation.

7.       Identification of talented players for DOSAD Sports academies

8.       Selection of best players, goal scores etc for awards.

9.       Souring of MCs, Usher and decoration of arena.

10.     Hi-tech packaging of sports event


Rev. Fr. Coach Obinna Dike

(Director, DOSAD Sports & Creation Ventures; Director, Directorate of Sports Awka Diocese; 08034307585, 08182644145

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