Don’t Sell Your Votes For Money That Won’t Last More Than A Day – Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), has cautioned the electorate against exchanging their votes for money “that will not last more than a day”.

He stated this at a town hall meeting organised by Taiwo Ibironke, who is contesting for the Surulere Constituency 2 seat in the Federal House of Representatives on the platform of AAC.

The event held at 64A, Agebi road, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos.

He said: “Don’t sell your votes for money that will not last more than a day; for Ankara of sorrow, or for things that do not translate to good governance for you.”

He noted with dismay the emergence of old recycled leaders, whom he accused of “destroying the nation and its systems”, stating that “When will it become your turn? Enough is enough. The highest they can do is what is visible to us from 1993 to date. This is the Nigeria of their dreams”.

He continued: “We know they have money, but when they come to give you, reject it because your destiny is more important than money. What were the occupations of these politicians before they got into office? How much did they earn as salaries? Where did they get the money from? Work to build a Lagos of your dreams that is not the estate of one man. Lagos must be free; Surulere must be free; Nigeria must be free.

Taiwo Ibironke, who is contesting to represent Surulere Constituency 2 in the House of Representatives, called on the people to do the right thing, stating that if voted in, he would be “held accountable for every penny and opportunity in government”.

Kayode, one of the attendees, asked how possible it was to accomplish all the promises of the AAC, to which Sowore responded: “The old politicians cannot deliver because they have godfathers, who are waiting on the return on their investments. We don’t have godfathers; we have struggled for Nigeria’s freedom over the years. Check our antecedents, we are here to work and we have no one to repay, but you who voted us in”.


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