Demolition Exercise

As I was returning from early morning pastoral ministry few days ago, I came across a very fat woman undergoing strenuous morning physical exercise. Sweat was running down her body like flood. Abruptly, I marched on my car’s break and alighted from the car. I ran up gently to the sweating fat woman and asked, “Madam, good morning. Why are you undergoing this early morning strenuous physical exercise and sweating profusely?” Panting like a lizard that fell down from a tree, she replied, “Man of God, I have a special mission to fulfill today.” Being so inquisitive I asked her further, “What form mission? Are you preparing for Olympic games?” She replied, “I am preparing for a demolition exercise. My foolish husband is a womanizer despite his small stature. He sneaked out with a husband snatcher since yesterday. I want to demolish him any time he comes back today.” She jumped up and boxed into the air as a display of her readiness to accomplish the demolition exercise. I sighed and felt for the prodigal husband. Iurged her to temper justice with mercy because marriage is for-better-for worse. She told me that she has endured enough and that mercy is dead as far as that day was concerned. I nodded my head pitifully and walked back to my car. Before driving off, I sat in my car and observed a minute’s silence for the fate of the husband about to be demolished. If I had known his destination, I would have gone over there to pray for him and give him final absolution before his impending demolition. By the time I was driving back to my residence, my stomach was making an appetitive noise and was about to crack. Immediately I drove in, I packed the car anyhow and rushed into the refectory for breakfast. I opened the plate on the table and started salivating like a snail. I managed to say the grace before meal. As if my cook knew the degree of hunger in me, she prepared an appetizing large quantity of rice and beans, which was well garnished with essential chicken parts and salad. I sat down and demolished everything within few minutes. I crushed the bones like caterpillar. I also demolished two bottles of cold Life beer that morning in order to transport the ‘combido’ (jollof rice and beans) and the side condiments into my digestive system for the welfare of my body metabolism. One bottle of beer was dedicated to the rice and the other to the beans. This breakfast demolition exercise was in tandem with the dietician’s recommendation to eat like a king in the morning; like a queen in the afternoon; and like a slave at night. Eating three times like a king is detrimental to health. Therefore you should demolish in the morning; build in the afternoon; and roof at night.
It was an awful and sorrowful sight in Awada area of Obosi near Onitsha last week when a mentally deranged man demolished his four children and sister-in-law by slaughtering them like fowls. The reason behind the bloody demolition was his wife’s alleged infidelity. At last the man demolished himself also. May God have mercy on the innocent demolished children (two boys and two girls) and the sister-in-law!
Recently, the Morocco Football Team demolished the Nigerian home-based Flying Eagles with 4 goals to zero at the just the concluded CHAN Football Championship hosted by the victorious Morocco. The Eagles’ wings were totally broken during the football demolition exercise. Instead of flying, the eagles crawled home. Nigerians were dumbfounded at the shameful defeat. What was actually wrong? Was it that the razor was not sharp or that the barber was inexperienced?
On the basis of aesthetics, the government normally demolishes illegal structures in urban areas. Houses which do not meet building standard are also demolished when they are discovered, in order to avoid collapsing and loss of lives. Just last week, about twenty illegal residential houses were demolished at Lagos Island by the state government. Even more would be demolished in other areas of Lagos.
Last week at Agba Village in Ekwulobia, irate youths demolished an illegal church, known as Dwelling Fullness of God Church, where a self made pastor wedded his younger brother and sister as husband and wife. The brother had already made his sister (wife).pregnant This is real incest, which is a taboo in the eyes of God and man. The self acclaimed pastor quoted the book of Deuteronomy 36:6 to justify the incest called marriage. Opening my Bible to read the quotation, it became clear that Deuteronomy ended in Chapter 34. What a falsehood in the name of God? That fake pastor himself should be arrested and be demolished as well for his heretical teachings.
It is in the news that the Party secretariat of a faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was demolished of recent at night in Kaduna by Governor El-Rufai led government. The reason given was that the party house was built on public recreation site. Also, it was alleged that the owner owed eight years’ land rent. Tongues started wagging. The real reason was political rather than structural. Why was the party house demolished at night? Was any notice given before the demolition exercise? Was the motive for the demolition hinged on intolerance of opposition? This political demolition could spell doom as the 2019 General Elections draw closer. Taking laws into one’s hand is not the best solution.
Going back to the State of Nature where might is power is dangerous. If our politicians set out to demolish one another or demolish opposition secretariats, then we are heading to anarchy.
Character wise, some politicians are demolishing one another just to win election by all means. Hence, elections in Nigeria have become a-do-or-die affair. Political assassinations often take place here or there. Politics which should be a game have turned into survival of the fittest. Politics ought to be a clean game and not a dirty game as some believe. Leadership is a service to God and humanity. Unfortunately, some of our politicians see it as a means of self aggrandizement. For such politicians, democracy is the government of selfishness, by the politicians concerned and for their pockets. They believe that the end justifies the means. That is why they are ready to demolish any person or anything on their way. Often during electioneering campaigns we hear the ugly story of missing persons here and there. They might have been used in offering human sacrifice in order to grab political power at the state or national level. At times some of our jobless youths are employed and armed as tugs during electioneering campaigns. Some of these young boys are demolished by their opponents in their bid to accomplish the political aims of their paid masters. Those political masters send their own boys (children) abroad for studies and for international employment. Parents should shine their eyes this time and shield their sons from being used and demolished by selfish politicians. On the moral level, some selfish individuals demolish innocent persons before constituted authorities just for cheap popularity. They talk good of you in your presence and demolish you in your absence. They can be called backbiters. Such people can kill just to achieve their ulterior motives. Which is preferable: backbiting or ‘frontbiting’? Where there two unavoidable evils, you choose the lesser evil.
We are into the season of Lent, whereby we commemorate the agony and death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He demolished sin at the Cross in order to save us from eternal damnation. By so doing, he achieved universal salvation for all humanity. However, we have to work for our individual salvation. Lent is a time of sober reflection and introspection. We need to demolish the sins inherit in our lives. This spiritual demolition of sins can be accomplished through prayer, watchfulness, fasting, abstinence and almsgiving. Charity covers a multitude of sin. Temptations are bound to come. Our prayer is that we may overcome temptations and not vice versa. The best form of fasting is abstaining from sins. The soul is willing but the body is weak. St Paul says that God’s grace is enough for us. God does not desire the death of a sinner but wants him to repent. We must not postpone our repentance. If we do not demolish the sins in our lives now, it may be too late tomorrow. If we die unrepentant, the devil will demolish us forever in hell-fire. A stitch in time saves nine. A fruitful Lent leads to a happy Easter. Struggle continues!

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