By Okeke Vivian Chinenye

Premarital sex is sexual intercourse practiced by individuals who are unmarried. It usually refers to sexual relationship between two people prior to marrying each other. In some cultures, the term is used instead of fornication, due to the negative meaning associated with the latter. Some degree of ambiguity has been linked with premarital sex. Some say it is unclear sex between individuals who are legally forbidden from marrying. Sexual relationship between persons uninterested in marrying could be considered premarital. Therefore, alternative names have been suggested, such as youthful sex, adolescent sex and young adult sex.

Premarital sex comes with some tragic consequences from the physical to emotional and spiritual. Premarital sex may open wide the door of distrust and suspicion. Couples may lose their dignity, honor and mutual respect which they could have enjoyed if they had abstained from sex before marriage. It may be difficult for couples to trust each other after marriage.

These thought could generate emotional stress and suspicious actions that may eventually blow up a marriage. On the physical plane, premarital sex could increase the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Sexual partners may be infected with STDs. These automatically infect sexual partners and the effect continues after marriage leading to divorce or death of one or both partners especially if they are infected with HIV/AIDS. While some people, cultures or societies may rationalize premarital sex, this practice does not appeal to religious people. They argue that sex is exclusively reserved for married people. That is God’s original plan. There is also an argument that the more promiscuous a person is before marriage the more likely he/she may commit adultery after marriage.

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