Curbing the Menace of Heavy Duty Containers

Among the most common accidents in the country today are those involving heavy duty vehicles carrying containers. Everywhere in the country today are tales of containers falling off trailers and crushing people in vehicles or even those passing by. The most recent case was the one that happened in Asaba, Delta State, when a container fell off a trailer and fell on top of a young man waiting for a cab. The container fell on him from the waist down and despite crying and shouting for help for close to two hours, no help came until he died. This was despite the fact that not too far away was the site of a major road construction company which had many cranes that would have been used to lift the container off the hapless young man.
The other day too, this time in Lagos, another container fell on top of a young woman, who after the rest of her body was severed from the fallen container by passers-by, later died.
Still in Lagos, another container fell on top of a car at a traffic jam but this time, the occupant saw the container shaking dangerously and ran out. His car was crushed but he saved his life.

There have been many other cases of fallen containers which claimed lives across the country. The spate of these mishaps has gotten to a stage when drastic action has to be taken to save further loss of life and property. The current situation just has to stop as everyone is in danger.
Part of measures to be taken against this menace is to restrict vehicles carrying such containers to plying the roads in the night, rather than by day. During the day, their drivers should park at the closest town or city and rest, while awaiting the beginning of dusk.
Another measure is to ensure that such containers are well secured to the trailers to avoid them falling off. A special task force may be set up to ensure this and defaulters should be heavily sanctioned.
If anyone should suffer any inconvenience, it should be the container owners, not the members of the public. A situation where the companies care less how their containers are loaded can no longer be condoned.
Every effort should therefore be made to contain this deadly menace and save the public from avoidable harm.