Curbing Domestic Violence

In recent times, there has been a rise in the level of violence in different parts of our country. It has come in various forms and magnitudes and has given us a name not unrelated to barbarism on the international stage.
Perhaps the worst form of violence is the one that occurs in domestic settings like in marriages or co-habitation. It can involve violence or abuse against children, parents, or the elderly. Either way, the recurring decimal is that there is always a casualty and the scars range from physical, psychological to emotional.
The underlying question then becomes what are the causes of this anomaly? They are numerous and most times point to depression, frustration, jealousy, hardship, etc. Unfortunately, domestic violence is not just a private issue, but a social problem. In most cases, victims of this violence face abuse because of social ills like alcoholism or stress being experienced by their partners. In such cases, they are said to have deserved the abuse because they provoked their partners when they were under the influence of alcohol.
The sad reality is that most families under the strain of harsh economic conditions, record very high levels of this domestic violence.
It also has a very significant impact on the health and well being of women and the psychological consequences can be as serious as its physical consequences. This is why it is expedient for couples to learn the art of managing depression at all times.
All over the social media, there have been true stories of women being stabbed to death by their husbands; men being stabbed to death by their wives; house helps giving hot water baths for maltreating the children of their masters; children being flogged brutally by their parents, or even by their teachers at school; wives giving acid baths to their husbands’ lovers. The list can go on and on.
Just last week, a man was said to have stabbed his four children and young sister-in-law to death in a horrific and gruesome manner. After accomplishing his mission of murder, he ended up taking his own life. No one has information as to his reason for the act of violence but the fact is that violence took place and his wife will forever be psychologically and emotionally scarred for life.
Same week, a woman was reported to have poured acid on the genitals of her husband and the reason was that she found out that her husband put her best friend in the family way. The man ended up dying after he was rushed to the hospital.
There is a need for couples and society to eschew violence by learning to manage anger and depression because children born into such homes end up having violent tendencies which in turn end up affecting their well-being and developmental growth.
If this scourge is controlled, it will, to a very large extent, curtail the level of domestic abuse in not just many homes, but society in general.